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Alex and I had our first EVER "Meet Your Neighbors Friday," and we had such a blast!  

On our way to the first city on our list, Elmwood, we saw beautiful landscapes.  Rolling hills, cornfields, and pristine farms.  (I counted on the way there, and Alex asked, "Are we there yet?" a total of four times.)  We got to Elmwood, home of UFO Days, parked the WAXX vehicle, and then started to walk around downtown.  In the middle of the "downtown," there is a huge intersection and as we were exploring, Alex decided to just walk right in the middle of the road.  I started scolding him and he said, "Who cares, this is a small town, we're fine walking in the middle of the road..."  Just then a truck came barreling out and almost hit Alex.  I, of course, will take credit for saving his life!  While in Elmwood, we took some photos with various UFO and alien signs and objects, and then made our way into Sailer's Meats.  We talked to the store clerk who gave us a bit of history on the business and the building, and Alex even bought some chicken to take home for dinner!