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Our next stop was Alma.  We had so much fun in Alma!  We started by visiting Buena Vista Park and took in some amazing views of the river and the bluffs.  We were speechless as we stood on the ledge and overlooked the countryside.  While we were on top of the hill, we found Danzinger Vinyards.  We decided to stop in and taste some wine.  Alex hadn’t tasted wine in over 5 years, but I got him to try a peach wine and he actually liked it!  Let’s just say I didn’t leave empty-handed J  Next we stopped at the Bank of Alma where we met Patty from Cream who made us a beautiful sign!  It was so much fun to get to talk to her and very nice of her to make us a sign!  For lunch we went to Pier 4, which is located directly next to the railroad tracks.  Their food was soooo delicious.  They smoke all of their own meat, so meat was definitely on both of our plates.  We also both tried the homemade potato pancakes, and both of us licked our plates clean!  Alex had wanted to see a train all day, and sitting at our table on the railroad tracks, he kept saying how cool it would be if a train would just go by.  Right before we went to leave, he used the restroom, and OF COURSE…the train came through!  Luckily I snapped a photo for him.