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Top 20 Things That Make Men & Women Feel Attractive

How do the top 20 things that make a woman feel sexy compare to the top 20 things that make a man feel sexy?

As you might expect a lot of each list has to do with their appearance - but things like a sunny day somehow made each list.


1. A new haircut

2. A sunny day

3. Walking in heels

4. Learning a new skill

5. Booking a vacation

6. Shaved legs

7. Lipstick

8. Glowing tan

9. Little black dress

10. Designer perfume

11. A day off

12. Being asked out on a date

13. Matching lingerie

14. Eating a healthy breakfast

15. Going to the gym

16. Diamond ring

17. A blow-dry

18. Whitened teeth

19. Chatting with a friend or close relative

20. Pants suit


1. A sunny day

2. Freshly shaved face

3. new suit

4. Freshly brushed teeth

5. A nice smelling aftershave

6. Being praised at work

7. A new hair cut

8. Sleeping in freshly washed sheets

9. Learning a new skill

10. Someone agreeing to go on a date

11. Booking a vacation

12. 3-day weekends

13. Going to the gym

14. Getting a new job

15. A good music playlist

16. Shiny shoes

17. Eating a healthy breakfast

18. Cuff links

19. Morning mug of coffee

20. Calvin Klein boxers

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