Types of groups you have been a part of...haha!

When you have a group assignment, there are 14 types of groups that you may have to deal with or be a part of.

Check out the list below:

1. Team Perfect. Their team name is so clever it makes you cringe. Their collective laughter cuts through study rooms. Yes, you hate them, but you also want to be them.

2. Titanic: The Group. It’s doomed from the start.

3. The Boundless Ball Of Infinite Energy. Aside from the massive output of work this one produces, you can get a caffeine high simply by standing nearby.

4. The No Show. Does not show up for meetings, does not care that this project is worth 35%, and may not even be a real person.

5. The Snack-Bringer. If this project kills you, it won't be be from starvation.

6. Already Besties. Two BFFs are in the same group and are really good at letting everyone know that. What luck.

7. The Morale Booster. Strengths: finding funny things. Weaknesses: most everything else.

8. "I'm So Tired Guy." This person is amazing at letting others know how many hours of sleep he's gotten over the past few days.

9. "Back of Phone Girl." You all assume that she has a face, but the only one who knows is her screen.

10. Cracker of Whips. Do. Not. Cross. (Sense of power may also be imagined)

11. Member of a Thousand E-mails. Enough said.

12. Your Equal. Oh, finally. Someone who's not crazy.

13. Master of Making Shiny Objects. With a glue stick and Photoshop, she can transform a pile of fluffy research into a dazzling of distraction.

14. Pile of Mess. It isn't an actual person, but this aftermath of notes and papers is always substantial enough to be considered the final group member.