30 "Grandpa" Baby Names That Are Making a Comeback!

Popular male baby names aren't as vulnerable to the winds of change as female names are. Names like John and William, which topped the most popular lists in the 1800s, are still popular today. Even during the 1970s, when girls were tagged with momentarily popular names like Tammy and Farrah, boys continued to be given enduring names like Michael and Christopher. However, the latest trend is to reach far back, WAY back, to names that normally only a grandfather would have. Celebrities like Amy Poehler, who named her boys Archie and Abel; Gwyneth Paltrow, who has Moses;GretchenMol, who chose Ptolemy; and Cate Blanchett, who has an Ignatius, highlight the trend. You could even add Prince George! Here are 30 "grandpa" names from the Social Security Administration's name database that are making a comeback. I've left out old timey names like Noah and Elijah that never really lost popularity. Would you dare give your kid one of these grandpa names?

1. Clarence


2. Amos


3. Ernest


4. Earl


5. Elmer


6. Herman


7. Eugene


8. Grover


9. Chester


10. Otto


11. Luther


12. Horace


13. Lester


14. Rufus


15. Emil


16. Alvin


17. Gus


18. Roscoe


19. Cornelius


20. Virgil


21. Ollie (a lot of popular boys' names from the 1800s are now associated with girls)


22. Clayton


23. Elwood


24. Elbert


25. Woodrow


26. Herman


27. Dewey


28. Roosevelt


29. Milton


30. Wilbur