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Why ladies pack so much in their suitcases...

'Tis the season to be traveling!  Summer is when a lot of us take vacations- whether it is a weekend at the cabin or a week away at the beach.  One thing I know I am guilty of when I go on vacation is OVER PACKING!  I think no matter where I go, I always have an excessive amount of items in my suitcase.  A recent article states that women wear 28 outfits during a week-long vacation- which equates to 4 outfit changes a day.  I'd like to say this statistic is shocking, but for me it's quite normal.  
Why?  Well, here are my reasons.  

1.  You never know what the weather is going to be.  You can check the forecast, but as always, that is subject to change.  What if it is warmer than expected and all you have is long-sleeved shirts and pants?  Or what if it is colder than you thought and you are caught with tanks and shorts?  I try to pack a little bit of everything to make sure I'm prepared, but this adds to my problem of a growing suitcase...
2.  You don't know EXACTLY what activities you will partake in.  When going on vacation, sometimes you plan out your days so you have a good idea of what you will be doing, but sometimes you fly by the seat of your pants and do activities as you please.  On my last major vacation, I ended up going on an excursion which included riding horses and zip-lining.  Thank goodness I had a host of outfits fit for this occasion!
AND, my NUMBER ONE reason to over pack:
3.  PICTURES!  I love taking pictures.  Ask anyone who knows me, I am a freak about photos.  I always have a camera with me to capture the moment.  One of my favorite things to do after a trip is to look back at all of the photos I took during the trip and relive those memories.  Having pictures is the only true way to remember an event, because sadly over time our memories fade.  Wait, what does that have to do with over packing?  Well, I want to look good in the photos of course!  Which includes having the perfect outfit.  And different outfits for each activity.  Yes, that is a little ridiculous, but hey, when I'm on vacation I figure it's the only time I have a good excuse to pursue constant wardrobe changes.

Researchers have also found that only two-thirds of what women pack will actually be worn on their vacation.  Again, I can personally attest to this.  I am happy that research has found that I am actually "normal" when it comes to packing.  I feel better, but now I am just longing for a vacation...
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Me and all my baggage. :) 

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