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Posted 11/30/2012 5:50:00 AM


  • The governor of Michigan isn't ruling out dissolving the city of Detroit.
  • The head of the U.S. postal service says they need to eliminate Saturday delivery, if they're going to survive.
  • The CW's medical drama "Emily Owens, M.D." has been cancelled. However, CW will air all 13 episodes.
  • ABC has picked up five additional episodes for its Friday comedies "Malibu Country" and "Last Man Standing," upping each's count to 18 for the season.
  • There were two Powerball winning tickets, one sold in Arizona, the other in Missouri. In other words, it wasn't you.
  • Entertainment Weekly has named Ben Afleck their "Entertainer of the Year."
  • A new study claims that when Great Britain upped their tax rates on millionaires to 50%, two thirds of them moved out of the country.
  • After Angus T. Jones made critical comments about his show, "Two and a half men," Charlie Sheen invited him to give up his role as Jake and come over to HIS show, "Anger Management!"
  • Lindsay Lohan's non-arrest streak has been snapped. She was taken into custody early yesterday, after allegedly assaulting someone at a Manhattan night club. Girl needs to stay home.
  • Mike Tyson is taking his one-man show, "Undisputed Truth," on the road for a 3-month tour early next year, hitting over a dozen cities.
  • Amanda Knox's book, "Waiting to be Heard," will come out April 30.. two months later than originally planned.
  • For the record, Brad Pitt is almost 50 next month. He'll turn 49 in December.
  • Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar has died at the age of 86.
  • Gilda's Club, a charity supporting cancer victims inspired by the life of the late Gilda Radner, is changing its name to Cancer Support Community. They say, it's because younger people don't know who Gilda Radner is. Some chapters, including the one in Seattle, are refusing to go along with the name change and will stay Gilda's Club. My blog on the subject at
  • THRILLER IS 30 _ Today is the 30th anniversary of the release of Michael Jackson's Thriller album.
  • President Obama and Mitt Romney had lunch at the White House yesterday (Thursday). [They worked on a plan to solve the Lindsay Lohan crisis.]
  • LAS VEGAS DENNY'S SERVES UP WEDDINGS _ Denny's opened a restaurant on Thursday in Las Vegas with a wedding chapel where couples can tie the knot after a meal. This Denny's also has a full bar.
  • ASK NEIGHBORS TO WATCH FOR PORCH THIEVES _ Buying online is easy. Click, pay, and it's delivered to your front porch. And then it's stolen by thieves. Wait, what? Yep, police are seeing a huge spike in front porch package thefts this year. Although electronics are the most attractive items, thieves are grabbing everything from clothing to children's bicycles. Advice: If you're not going to be home, have a neighbor watch out for your package.
  • WANT TO GO ON A DATE WITH BETTY WHITE? _ Betty White is auctioning off a date with her to benefit the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles. In an auction starting December 3, fans will be able to bid on a dinner date with Betty at one of Betty's favorite restaurants.
  • In a new survey, women said the biggest turn-on in a man is . . . HIS MONEY.  The rest of the top five are status, looks, trust, and dynamism.  Things like sense of humor and personality didn't even crack the top five. 
  • Black Friday isn't about trying to save money on gifts anymore.  Now it's about PERSONAL GREED.  A study of social media activity on Black Friday found that out of the 9,315 people who mentioned who they were shopping for, 58% said THEMSELVES.  Only 42% were buying gifts for someone else. 
  • We all know Amazon's deal:  If you order something that costs more than $25, they ship it free.  The "Wall Street Journal" put that to the test by ordering the HEAVIEST ITEM on Amazon . . . a 1,672-pound fire safe.  It cost about $3,500 and . . . yep, Amazon shipped it free.  They ate the $700 shipping cost.
  • Good news and bad news for Twinkies.  Yesterday in bankruptcy court, Hostess said there are 110 POTENTIAL BUYERS . . . which means Twinkies will almost DEFINITELY be back.  The bad news?  The 19 top executives who drove the company into the ground are fighting for their 2012 bonuses . . . totaling $1.8 MILLION.  Even as the company collapsed, wiping out 18,000 jobs. 
  • IN THEATERS THIS WEEKEND _ Killing Them Softly (R) and The Collection (R)
  • NUMBER FOR THE DAY _ 25,000: Children injured each year by shopping carts.
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