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Posted 11/27/2012 5:54:00 AM


  • There will be a fourth season of "Downton Abbey."
  • Country singer Jake Owen became a dad on Thanksgiving. He tweeted, "Today is the greatest day of my life. Welcome Olive Pearl Owen. 6lbs 3 oz Turkey Baby!"
  • Sources say that Charlie Sheen wrote a $100,000 check for Lindsay Lohan to use, to pay her way out of her IRS debt.
  • Angus T. Jones, the actor who plays Jake Harper on "Two and a Half Men" and who grew up on the show, is urging people in a video for a Christian church in California to not watch and calls the series "filth."
  • The 6-year-old daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith, Dannielynn Birkhead, is walking in her mother's shoes, taking a starring role in the spring ad campaign for Guess Kids.
  • Online sales on Black Friday topped $1 billion!
  • The McCarran international Airport in Las Vegas is now offering booze for sale. Not just the duty-free stuff most airports have... but just booze to go, for those who want to pick up a bottle before they pick up their bags.
  • The video for Gangnam Style has broken the all-time viewing record on YouTube. As of Saturday, 805-million people had watched it.
  • Halle Berry's ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry was arrested for investigation of battery on Thanksgiving day after he and the Oscar-winning actress's current boyfriend got into a fight at her Hollywood Hills home.
  • Icelandic singer Bjork says she her surgery to remove a vocal cord polyp was successful.
  • If you want all 12 items in the 12 Days of Christmas, it's now going to cost you over $107,000.
  • How about a dating website that makes sure you're going out with someone with similar political views: Red State Date and BlueStateDate.
  • Sunday was the Grey Cup, Canada's answer to our Super Bowl. Justin Bieber performed at halftime, to quite a bit of boo's.
  • GIVING TUESDAY _ Today is Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday serve nationwide as the day for including charity in our celebrations.
  • A Chinese company plans next year to build the world's tallest skyscraper in only 90 days. [The company is busily stocking up on building supplies, triggering a worldwide shortage of Legos.]
  • LOST IMAGES FROM OLD RAZR PHONES ON EBAY _ New York artist Kyle M.F. Williams had the idea of a covering a razor scooter in Razr phones as a piece of sculpture. On eBay, he found a lot of 44 Razr phones from a seller who appeared to be a electronics repair shop. Williams assumed they would all be broken, or wiped, but when he got them he found that half of them still had texts, sexts, pics, and videos. So he took a couple days and figured out how to dump all the content from the phones onto his computer. Then, using's print on demand publishing service, he started selling a paperback book out of the images, titled Razr.
  • PARTY WITH KIM KARDASHIAN _ Want to ring in the new year with Kim Kardashian? If you're willing to pay $125 for a ticket you can do just that. Kim is scheduled to spend New Year's Eve at 1 OAK Nightclub at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.
  • NUMBER FOR THE DAY _ 4,615: How many people, on average, who go to the emergency room for a snowblower injury each year.
  • According to the National Retail Federation, EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN went shopping over the weekend, either in a store or online.  They're reporting 247 million shoppers over the weekend . . . and the latest Census reported about 247 million Americans over age 14.  Of course, not all of you actually did . . . some people went to multiple stores or websites
  • According to toy industry experts, one of the biggest toys this holiday season is . . . the FURBY.  Yes, the same creepy, talking Furby that kids loved back in the late '90s.  They start at $54, but apparently they're already sold out at Walmart, and almost gone from Amazon. 
  • A new survey has figured out the top 15 things most men don't know about their wives.  Her cell phone number is first, followed by her favorite song, her bra size, the date they met, and her favorite perfume. 
  • In Belgium, a 64-year-old man just figured out his wife of 19 YEARS used to be a MAN.  He says she had no manly features and he never noticed she was post-op . . . even during SEX.  He finally found out when a friend told him the rumor.  Now he's getting psychiatric treatment and seeking an annulment. 
  • Did the U.S. consider detonating a nuclear weapon on the moon in the 1950s, to send a message to the Soviet Union during the Cold War?
  • ·         This is some serious revenge:  A guy in Chicago bought a $600 used car, registered it in his ex's name, parked it at the airport, and left it there for three years.  It was never towed, and his ex ended up getting 678 tickets totaling $105,000. 
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