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Posted 11/15/2012 5:53:00 AM


  • Pepsi has introduced a new variation of their soda in Japan which they claim "will block fat."
  • Liza Minnelli is heading to "Smash." She'll appear sometime in the spring.
  • Kelly Clarkson says she can't stand to listen to her earlier music anymore, because, she says, it sounds "so auto-tuned."
  • During Madonna's second concert in New York this week she was joined on stage by PSY and a quick round of "Gangnam Style."
  • A flawless 76-carat diamond was sold at auction Tuesday night for a cool $21.4 million.
  • A plane crash in Mississippi Tuesday, killing all three aboard. Ironically, they were on their way to an air safety conference.
  • Toyota is recalling 2.8 million vehicles world-wide because of a glitch in the steering.
  • After 35 years on the road, INXS says they are done touring. For the record, there are more women in the U.S. with drivers licenses than men.
  • A new survey says more than HALF of us plan to start our holiday shopping on Thanksgiving . . . and 80% plan to spend more on Black Friday than they did last year.  One in three people say the most stressful part of Black Friday is the thought of so many people packed into every store, and one in four say it's worrying the store will run out of what they want. 
  • Go ahead and skip the chaos of Black Friday this year.  Just grab what you want NEXT year.  A website studied 22 leaked Black Friday ads, and found that in 20 of them, the store was selling at least one of the exact same products from last year at the exact same price. 
  • A new study has found is the cheapest place to buy toys this Christmas.  Walmart is second.  And they both have better prices on 80% of toys than Target, Kmart, or Toys "R" Us. 
  • There are at least 1,000 major FIRES or EXPLOSIONS because of turkey frying every year.  According to State Farm, in the past five years, Texas has had the most major turkey frying disasters.  The rest of the top five states are Illinois, New York, Ohio, and Florida. 
  • On Friday night, a woman in California was rushing to the hospital to give birth, but couldn't make it . . . so her boyfriend pulled into a Shell gas station and she gave birth in the parking lot.  The baby was healthy . . . and the woman decided to name him Knowland Shell.
  • There's a gun range in Orlando called Combat City where customers can shoot at each other . . . using rubber bullets.
  • A Danish guy set a new Guinness World Record for holding his breath underwater . . . for 22 minutes. 
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