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Posted 11/13/2012 5:47:00 AM


  • Last night was the Hollywood premiere of the final "Twilight" movie. Twi-hards camped out for days to be sure they were in the theater for that one.
  • Kevin Clash, who voices the puppet of Elmo on Sesame Street has taken a leave of absence after allegations he had a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old boy.
  • Dorothy's dress, the one worn by Judy Garland in "The Wizard of Oz," sold at an auction for $480,000!
  • In case you missed it, Pittsburgh Steeler and "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Hines Ward appeared as a zombie in a recent episode of "The Walking Dead." Just wanted to be in the show.
  • Ashley Judd says she won't rule out running for the U.S. Senate in a few years.
  • The latest James Bond movie pulled in a record $87.8 million over the weekend in the U.S., a franchise record! Biggest Bond weekend ever!
  • Finally, a judge has settled the matter of Sherman Hemsley's body and will allow his long-time friend to handle the estate. Hemsley -- known as TV's George Jefferson -- died back in July and his body has been on ice, awaiting a legal decision as to who gets to bury him.
  • Taxpayers in San Francisco, California are going to pay for "gender-switching," transgender surgeries to "help ease the mental anguish of people who feel they are trapped in bodies of the wrong gender." These operations will be covered under San Francisco's universal health care program for the uninsured.
  • WILMAAA! _ Got a classic cartoon fan in the house? Then here's their Christmas gift. The entire Flintstones animates series is now available on 24 DVDs.
  • Lance Armstrong tweeted a picture of him relaxing on the couch in front of his seven Tour de France yellow jerseys. [Way to go, Lance. You really had to dig deep to make people hate your tweets more than they hate Donald Trump's.]
  • J.J. ABRAMS SAYS NO TO STAR WARS 7 _ J.J. Abrams, the mind behind the Star Trek reboot of 2009 says he's not interested in directing Star Wars 7.
  • FIGHT OVER A $5 DEBT _ A man in Flint, Michigan, was pumping gas last week when he ran into a couple he knew and that he owed money to. The two men started fighting and then the woman took out a gun and struck the victim in the face. The victim fled and then the couple got into their car and hit him with it. Luckily he was not seriously injured. They were fighting over a $5 debt.
  • A new survey asked flight attendants what makes them HATE passengers the most.  The top picks are snapping your fingers at them, scrambling to leave the plane before the seatbelt signs are off, and trying to cram giant pieces of luggage into the overhead compartment.
  • According to a survey of little kids, dad is the best driver in the family.  51% of five-to-seven year olds said that their father was a better driver . . . while 45% picked mom.  But MOM was voted the most fun to ride with by a two-to-one margin.  The thing kids hate most about riding with their parents is their terrible taste in music.  They also hate when mom and dad sing out of key.
  • Here's yet another reason not to HIT YOUR KIDS.  A controversial new study out of the U.K. found that kids who were spanked or hit by their parents at least once a month are 70% more likely to GET CANCER later in life.  And they're 30% more likely to get heart disease.  The researchers think that could happen because physical punishment leads to a more STRESSFUL childhood. 
  • On Saturday, in Arizona, a 28-year-old woman RAN OVER HER HUSBAND with her Jeep . . . because she blamed him for PRESIDENT OBAMA getting re-elected.  He didn't vote, and, for some reason, she thought his one vote would've changed everything.  He's hospitalized with life-threatening injuries . . . she was arrested for domestic violence and aggravated assault. 
  • NEW ON DVD TODAY _ BraveNitro Circus: The Movie; Savages (John Travolta, Blake Lively, Taylor Kitsch); The Watch (Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill); Lawrence of Arabia (Restored Version); Friends: The Complete Series on Blu-ray.
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