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Posted 11/7/2012 5:50:00 AM


  • No Doubt has pulled the video for their song, "Looking Hot" from YouTube after getting complaints about its Cowboys and Indians theme.
  • Looks like a good year for turkeys, so expect the star of this year's Thanksgiving feast will cost the same or even less than last year.
  • Kirstie Alley claims that she and Patrick Swayze "fell in love" while filming the mini-series "North and South," but never had an affair, because both were married at the time.
  • Not only has "Elementary" been picked up for the whole first season, they're also going to get the spotlight on CBS as the show that follows the Super Bowl in February.
  • In Denzel Washington's new movie, "Flight," he plays a pilot that drinks too much. In fact, in one scene he's holding a Budweiser while behind the wheel of a jet. Anheuser-Busch has ask film-makers to blur the label on the can. They don't want to be known as "the king of beers of pilots who drink."
  • Suzuki has filed for bankruptcy and announced that they will stop selling cars in the U.S.
  • ESPN's Jim Durham had died at age 65. No cause of death given.
  • Actor Sam Worthington from "Avatar" showed up at an Atlanta restaurant allegedly tipsy on Saturday night. Hr got into it with management and ended up being pepper sprayed and then arrested for disorderly conduct.
  • Lindsay Lohan could be in big trouble. She's being accused of lying to cops in regards to a June auto accident. Lindsay claimed she wasn't driving her Porsche, several witnesses say they saw her behind the wheel.
  • Courtney Love says it's an interesting rumor, but there is no "Nirvana -- the Musical" in the works. That she knows of...
  • How about a movie called "Rush?" All about Rush Limbaugh, starring John Cusack? It's in the works.
  • Katie Holmes is spending her time on Broadway these days, starring in, "Dead Accounts."
  • This'll make you want to fix yourself up every time you leave the house.  A new study says our brains really DO make judgments about whether we're attracted to someone within MILLISECONDS.  And if someone's not immediately attracted to you, there's only a 37% chance they'll date you. 
  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has finally answered a question they heard before Hurricane Sandy hit, and that they've heard before every other impending hurricane:  CAN'T WE JUST NUKE IT?  The answer is no.  It would take a 10-megaton nuke every 20 minutes to have even some impact on a hurricane, and even then it wouldn't really affect the storm, because it doesn't affect air pressure.
  • Hey, FEMA actually got something right!  Apparently some people are upset that FEMA is NOT giving them money and assistance to rebuild their SECOND HOMES, that were destroyed or damaged by Superstorm Sandy.  FEMA told them no, right now we need to focus on people whose ACTUAL homes were destroyed.
  • A few days ago, a man jokingly took a pregnancy test, and it turned out POSITIVE.  So a friend of his posted a photo of it online.  And it's a good thing he did . . . because one person who saw it knew a positive pregnancy test can be a sign of TESTICULAR CANCER.  The man got tested, and DID have cancer . . . but thanks to this early detection, he has a 99% chance of survival.
  • Back in 2009, a 50-year-old in prison in Tennessee for attempted murder had a massive heart attack.  And on his death bed, he confessed to murdering a woman back in 1995.  And then . . . he made a MIRACLE RECOVERY, and wound up SURVIVING the heart attack.  So prosecutors reopened that murder case, and last week the man was convicted of murder.  He'll get an automatic life sentence. 
  • A couple in China was married for 10 years before getting divorced over an argument about their business . . . but a few months later, the husband was diagnosed with liver cancer and needed a transplant.  The ex-wife was a match, but according to Chinese law, only married people can donate organs to each other . . . so the couple actually got remarried, so she could save his life.
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