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The six rules for attracting a man
Posted 11/7/2012 5:30:00 AM

Ladies, good men are out there. You just have to meet them. And to do that, relationship columnist Demetria L. Lucas, aka A Belle in Brooklyn, has six rules you should follow. While Lucas says her rules are designed specifically with black women in mind, they will work for women of all colors because they are grounded in common sense and good manners. Lucas, who is only 30, is a little retro in her advice, urging women to stop being "so alpha" and instead exude a little softness. The six rules for attracting a man:

  1. Smile and say "hello!"
  2. If you want to meet a man, look like you want to meet a man. Brush your hair and use lip gloss.
  3. Men don't notice you across a room because of your brain. Give them something to look out for.
  4. Flatter your best asset. If it's your smile, then smile. If it's your legs, wear a skirt.
  5. Stop looking for men in bunches, such as a club or happy hour. Men are everywhere -- on the street, in line, in the elevator, on the train. When you see someone who catches your eye -- no matter where you are -- say something! "Hello" is just fine. If he is remotely interested, he'll take it from there.
  6. Go out alone. (But be safe.) Even if you don't want to, try it at least once.
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