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Posted 11/6/2012 5:41:00 AM


Many stars have turned down roles due to one reason or another, and that usually comes with regret. Their decisions are based on the advice by their managers, but no one knows how well a movie is going to perform at the box office.

  • Mel Gibson didn't take the lead in Gladiator. It gave Russell Crowe an Academy Award. Mel also turned down the part of Robin Hood in "Robin Hood Prince of Thieves." Instead, that part went to a not very believable Kevin Costner.
  • Alec Baldwin rejected the role of Richard Kimball in "The Fugitive." Harrison Ford was then selected to play the part. I think it was a great choice.
  • Keanu Reeves was offered Charlie Sheen's role in "Platoon." And really, thank goodness for that. However it is one of his big regrets.
  • Warren Beatty turned down Jack Horner in "Boogie Nights." The part was then offered to a smarmy looking Burt Reynolds. Warren also refused James Caan's part in "Misery," the part of Gordon Gekko in "Wall Street" and Robert Redford's part in "The Sting."
  • John Travolta rejected the Forrest Gump lead. For some reason, I just can't see Travolta playing the part. Tom Hanks did an incredible job.
  • Tom Hanks also refused the part of Ray Kinsella in "Field of Dreams," Andy Dufresne in "The Shawshank Redemption" and the lead in "Jerry Maguire," which was eventually played by Tom Cruise.
  • Melanie Griffith was supposed to be "Thelma" in "Thelma and Louise." Incidentally, Michelle Pfeiffer and Jodie Foster were originally cast as Thelma and Louise but had to drop out as pre-production dragged on. However, everything fell into place with the new crew members.
  • Will Smith was first offered the lead in "The Matrix." It eventually went to Keanu Reeve. Smith also refused the part of Stu in "Phone Booth." I'm sure he had other projects in the works.
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