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Posted 11/2/2012 5:56:00 AM


  • NBC will air a one-hour telethon and concert on Friday night to benefit Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Both ABC and CBS announced they were each donating $2 million and $1 million, respectively, and launching employee matching programs. Fox is also donating $1 million for hurricane relief.
  • Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell were married Tuesday night in California.
  • Steven Tyler says the rumors about him splitting with his fiancee are simply not true.
  • Now the International Olympic Committee is going to investigate Lance Armstrong's bronze medal from the 2000 Olympic games.
  • Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore haven't done anything to further themselves down the paths of getting divorced.
  • According to a Women's Health poll 72% of you have had sex in a car.
  • A woman is accusing Cee Lo Green with sexual battery. Cee Lo says no way.
  • Jets quarterback Tim Tebow has been quietly dating actress Camilla Belle.
  • iTunes 11 was supposed to be released at the end of October. That's been bumped to the end of this month, so they could "get it right!"
  • Rumor is that Facebook is going to launch a classifieds section.
  • Songwriter Bill Dees has died at age 73. His biggest claim to fame: Co-writing Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman."
  • A female Viagra? A nasal spray for women is in clinical trials.
  • FALL BACK _ Daylight Saving Time ends Saturday night/Sunday morning. Move clocks back one hour.
  • HURRICANE SANDY: COMING TOGETHER _ Tonight (Friday) NBC and its sister networks air a benefit concert to aid victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Jon Bon Jovi, Sting, Christina Aguilera and Billy Joel will perform and it will be hosted by Matt Lauer. Brian Williams and Jimmy Fallon will also make appearances.  Money collected will be donated the American Red Cross relief efforts.
  • Nine men in Florida have been charged with running a huge betting ring focused on Pee Wee football games. [Which explains where the money was coming from to pay the kids' huge signing bonuses.]
  • GAS THIEF CATCHES FIRE, CRASHES TRUCK _ Sometimes the universe finds a way to even the score. Take the story of a man in Arizona accused of siphoning gas from someone's car. As the man fled the truck he was driving crashed and he caught fire. He's recovering in the hospital.
  • Stores are ALREADY playing Christmas music.  Even though people HATE that.  In a new survey, 78% of Americans say stores should wait until Thanksgiving to play Christmas music, and 75% say stores shouldn't put up their decorations until then. 
  • A new poll is ALREADY out with the Christmas songs people HATE THE MOST.  Number one was the barking dogs version of"Jingle Bells""The Man With All the Toys" by the Beach Boys came in second. 
  • According to a new survey, HALF of all moms lie about how they raise their kids . . . so other parents don't think they're a lousy mother.  One in three lie to their doctor . . . and three in four lie to their own kids to make the day go easier.  It's because most moms do things like let their kids watch TV, or give them candy at dinnertime.
  • We've got a great website recommendation for you today.  It's called, and it collects data to show you exactly how many more miles YOUR make and model car can go once the gas light comes on.
  • IN THEATERS _ Flight (R); Wreck-It Ralph (PG); The Man With the Iron Fists (R)
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