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Posted 11/1/2012 5:50:00 AM


  • This is the "Fall Back" weekend, when we get an extra hour of sleep on Saturday night and return to Standard Time.
  • Fox Television has acquired "Anger Management," starring Charlie Sheen, for a fall 2014 premiere.
  • George Wendt, who played Norm on the old Cheers series, had to be hospitalized for chest pains and drop out of a Chicago production of "The Odd Couple."
  • Cee Lo Green has denies an allegation he sexually assaulted a woman in Los Angeles.
  • Kelsey Grammer has defended his decision to take his three-month-old baby girl to a Halloween party at the Playboy Mansion saying he and his wife don't have a "trusted" babysitter.
  • 86-year-old Chuck Berry says, he admits it -- his singing days are done.
  • A new study shows that teens who had access to the Internet on their cellphones were more than twice as likely to engage in sex with a person they met online compared with those without access to the Internet on their phones.
  • It changes daily, but last we heard, the New York City Marathon is on for this Sunday.
  • In New Mexico Tuesday, Gene Hackman and his wife were hassled by a homeless man who called his wife a vulgar name and Gene allegedly slapped the guy.
  • Ironically, the storm Sandy forced production to shut down on Russell Crowe's new movie, "Noah."
  • Coming soon: Robert Pattinson starring in commercials for Dior's men fragrances.
  • Taylor Swift sold 1.2 million copies of her new CD, "Red," just the first week it was out.
  • Disney announced after buying Lucasfilm that the next "Star Wars" movie would come out in 2015. Better yet, they're going to fulfill George Lucas' original dream of doing 9 movies in all.
  • Kristian Bush says that Sugarland is not breaking up. His musical partner, Jennifer Nettles, is just taking a personal life "breather."
  • The home where the movie, "The Amityville Horror" was filmed, is up for sale in New Jersey.
  • Actor Edward Furlong was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport on suspicion of domestic violence.
  • Ronnie Wood has auctioned off Rolling Stones memorabilia. [Including a rare photo of Mick Jagger in bed alone.]
  • NEW JERSEY MOVES HALLOWEEN TO NEXT MONDAY _ New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie officially postponed Halloween until next Monday. Christie signed an executive order delaying the holiday on Wednesday, saying he didn't want trick-or-treaters to be injured by toppled trees, downed power lines or floodwaters.
  • SMARTPHONES EXTEND OUR WORKDAYS BY TWO HOURS _ With smartphones in hand, we're having a hard time dropping our work load when 5 PM rolls around. Even after an 8-hour day, many employees report checking emails and taking work-related calls after hours. Having constant access to our mobile communication streams tacks on an extra two hours of work a day.
  • NUMBER FOR THE DAY _ 46 million: Turkeys used each year for Thanksgiving in the United States.
  • 80,000 POUNDS OF WALNUTS MISSING _ Two companies who recently bought walnuts from Tehama County each reported around 40,000 pounds of  the processed nuts stolen in the last two weeks, and deputies are searching for a suspicious delivery driver with a Russian accent who they say is behind it all.
  • COUNTRY MUSIC ASSOCIATION AWARDS _ The 46th annual CMAs air tonight (Thursday) on ABC. Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood will host once again.
  • JAMES BOND NEW YORK PREMIERE POSTPONED TIL MONDAY _ Not even James Bond can overcome the ravages of Hurricane Sandy. The big premiere of Skyfall, the 23rd James Bond movie, has been postponed until Monday.
  • According to oil analysts, Superstorm Sandy is going to mean CHEAPER GAS FOR YOU.  All of the people missing work, staying home, and not being able to drive on flooded roads saves a TON of gas.  Demand is lower than supply, which means prices should drop quickly.
  • Yesterday, the TERRORIST mastermind behind the 2008 attacks in India made an offer to the U.S.  He heard about Superstorm Sandy and offered to SEND food, medicine, and doctors to the U.S. from Pakistan for the relief effort.  He called that his, quote, "Islamic duty to help" . . . even though we have a $10 MILLION bounty on his head.  The U.S. TURNED DOWN the offer, saying we can't take it seriously.
  • Interesting fact:  There have been six presidential elections held on November 6th . . . and Republicans have won them all. 
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