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Posted 10/24/2012 5:55:00 AM


  • Lea Michelle says it's her first pregnancy rumor... but definitely not true.
  • Simon Cowell's "X-Factor" has been picked up for a third season. There's more on the way. Plus, CBS has ordered full season runs for "Elementary," and "Vegas."
  • Two years ago, Seattle's Michael Henrichsen got this crazy idea -- wouldn't it be great to have Billy Idol play at his 26th birthday party. So, he began a campaign. Then Billy said "I'll do it!" and this Friday, he's coming to town to play at the Showbox Theater for Michael and 1800 friends.
  • Dolly Parton, who is said to be worth an estimated $400 million, received a "tremendous boost" in songwriting royalties for "I Will Always Love You" following Whitney Houston's death.
  • There's a definite gender gap when it comes to eReaders. Under 30 loves 'em... over 30, not so much.
  • Big royal wedding over the weekend in Luxembourg as Prince Guillaume and Countess Stephanie exchanged vows in a big formal wedding. He's the heir to the throne in Luxembourg.
  • A long-time high school hockey coach has resigned as more names become public in the Zumba prostitution scandal.
  • Stand by for a third season of "Homeland."
  • The FDA is investigating five reported deaths as the result of Monster Energy Drink.
  • Donald Trump claims he has huge news about the president and he's going to share it on Wednesday.
  • Eva Longoria almost has her back tattoo completely removed. It was the word "Nine," her ex-husband Tony Parker's jersey number.
  • A study published this week reveals that researchers at a facility in San Diego once had a whale there that could imitate human speech. [A man on the moon AND a talking whale. USA! USA! USA!]
  • APPLE UNVEILS TWO iPADS _ Apple on Tuesday showed the world it's two new iPads -- the iPad 4 and the iPad mini. The fourth-generation iPad has a faster processor. The iPad mini is the iPad, but 25% thinner and 53% lighter.
  • GROW UP, YOU'RE 28! _ At what age did you consider yourself no longer 'young'? If you ask women, it's after your 28th birthday. A new survey found 28 years old is the line in the sand to start concentrating more on work, and less on your sex life. How come guys don't have a problem making time for both?
  • FOX ORDERS ANOTHER SEASON OF THE X FACTOR _ Fox has ordered Season 3 of The X Factor.
  • WORLD SERIES _ The 108th edition of the Fall Classic begins tonight (Wednesday) in San Francisco. Fox will air the games.
    ... The Detroit Tigers visit the San Francisco Giants. The series begins in San Fran because the Giants are a part of the National League, which won the All-Star Game this year.
    ... The Giants are eying their second World Series title in three years. The Giants defeated the Texas Rangers 4 games to 1 in 2010, their first World Series championship since 1954.
    ... This is the 19th trip to the World Series for the Giants. It's the Tigers' 11th appearance.
    ... The Giants didn't have to travel after defeating the St. Louis Cardinals Monday night, but they also haven't had the recovery time Detroit has enjoyed. The Tigers have been idle since finishing off a four-game sweep of the New York Yankees in the ALCS on Thursday.
  • TAYLOR SWIFT TO SELL A MILLION _ Taylor Swift is poised to become the first female artist in the modern era (Nielsen SoundScan 1991 to present) to have a pair of albums sell more than a million copies in a single week. First-day sales for Red surpassed 500,000.
  • Experts warn if you try to catch up on your zzz's by sleeping in on Saturday, you will be drowsier on Monday. People can delay their circadian clock, the body's internal timekeeper, by an hour staying in bed on weekends but the brain's clock can by delayed by two hours, making it tougher to fall asleep on Sunday and wake up on Monday
  • According to a new study by scientists in Spain, eating junk food during pregnancy can be just as dangerous to the baby as smoking cigarettes! The report says that a chemical found in processed foods such as potato chips, limits a baby's size and brain growth in the womb.
  • According to a study by the Internet Watch Foundation, if you make a sex tape or take naked photos . . . people are going to end up seeing it.  They estimate that 88% of all homemade porn ends up getting posted online . . . often without the people who made it even KNOWING.  It's because websites known as parasites get information from hacked accounts . . . lost or stolen phones . . . and angry exes. 
  • Two parents in LaCrosse, Wi say that their daughter, quote, "got fresh" with them . . . so they handed out a BRILLIANT 21st century-style punishment.  They took away her phone, used it to take embarrassing photos of themselves . . . then posted those photos on her Facebook page.
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