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What a Man is looking for in "The One"
Posted 10/24/2012 5:47:00 AM


According to relationship expert David Zinczenko, when a man falls for a woman, he falls hard. Men love to be in love. While men often get stereotyped as single-minded sex-seekers, the truth is that a man's stomach churns like a slushy machine when he's in those initial stages of the perfect relationship. These are some of the things that many men value in "the one."

  • A woman with a passion in something other than him -- The passion she shows for something else confirms her inherent goodness, her personal drive, her independence.
  • A woman with no problem with guy time -- Men love, appreciate, and are thankful for women who respect and endorse (and not complain about) his need to have a few testosterone mixers.
  • A woman with a strut -- What do I mean by the strut? It's that attitude, that sassiness, that confidence, that charisma, that charm that shows she can be a little bold and a little daring.
  • A woman with a good taste in ties -- Okay, so we don't really care about the ties per se. But what we care about is a woman's ability to give us a little - and this is a key word - gentle guidance.
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