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Posted 10/12/2012 5:51:00 AM


  • Jennifer Lawrence has been signed as the new face of Miss Dior.
  • Owain Yeoman from "The Mentalist" and his girlfriend, jewelry designer Gigi Yallouz, are engaged.
  • The premiere of the DC Comics-inspired "Arrow" was the most-watched show on the CW in three years Wednesday, while ABC's "Nashville" premiered to a solid 2.8 rating.
  • It could be worse -- unemployment in Greece is running 25%.
  • The Rolling Stones have set the first several dates of their 50th anniversary tour, hitting the road in December.
  • New stats show that worldwide shipments of personal computers are projected to decline in 2012 -- the first year-over-year drop since the dot-com bust.
  • NBC will air the pilot of its Munsters reboot, "Mockingbird Lane," as a Halloween special on Friday, October 26.
  • Alice Cooper was in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, on Wednesday to help kick-off a 6,000-square-foot rock 'n' roll academy for local Boys & Girls Club members.
  • Genealogists at say they've discovered that Justin Bieber is a distant cousin of Ryan Gosling and Avril Lavigne... and a very distant relative of Celine Dion. Their family link dates back to some of Quebec's earliest settlers 400 years ago.
  • When Justin Bieber performed in Tacoma, Washington, the other night during the concert, someone stole his camera and his laptop computer.
  • Here's the statistical breakdown -- 80% of Americans live within 20 miles of a Starbucks.
  • Sammi Kane Kraft, who starred as a youth league pitcher in the 2005 remake of "The Bad News Bears," has died in a Los Angeles car crash. She was only 20 years old.
  • Debbie Reynolds had to be hospitalized after a bad reaction to some medication, but she is home now, resting. She did cancel the next three months of shows she had scheduled.
  • Singer Sarah Brightman says she has booked a trip to the International Space Station, once private flights begin going there.
  • INCREASE IN OBESITY CAUSES PROBLEMS FOR FUEL ECONOMY _ While modern cars are getting lighter, drivers are getting heavier -- and America's fuel economy may be feeling the weight. The Allstate Blog says that obese Americans are wasting more than 1 billion gallons of fuel per year. The Department of Energy says an extra 100 pounds lowers a vehicle's mpg capacity by up to 2 percent. Automakers are using less steel and lighter plastics to reach higher fuel standards, but more than a third of adults are obese and that number is expected to increase.
  • PIE TIME _ It's National Pumpkin Pie Day.
  • BALD IS BEAUTIFUL _ Sunday is Be Bald and Be Free Day.
  • SMELLY GYM SHOES MEANS MORE MONEY _ A CNN Money survey found people that exercise tend to make more money. Men who exercise three or more times a week earn 6% more than their colleagues. And for women it was 10% more. Researchers credit the post-workout high for the increase in productivity.
  • Astronomers report finding a planet twice as large as earth and made mostly of diamond. [Which explains why on their TV show the Kardashians were seen building a spaceship.]
  • BRAINS + BRAWN IN ONE PACKAGE _ What turns you on, brains or brawn? If you're hoping for both, here's a guy that can do one handed push-ups while solving a Rubik's Cube in 15 seconds.
  • IN THEATERS _ Argo (R); Atlas Shrugged: Part II (PG-13); Here Comes the Boom (PG); Seven Psychopaths (R); Sinister ®
  • The latest news in the Wal-Mart labor protests, which have included walkouts and marches in Dallas, San Diego, Chicago and Los Angeles, is the threat of a strike on Black Friday.
  • It turns out that nails on a chalkboard is NOT the most annoying sound in the world . . . but it's in the top five.  Scientists had volunteers listen to annoying sounds while monitoring their brain activity, and the screeching sound of a knife rubbing on a glass bottle came in first.  That was followed by a fork against glass, chalk on a chalkboard, rubbing a ruler against glass, and nails on a chalkboard. 
  • We've gotten to that point in the campaign where no one wants to see anymore polls . . . so pollsters are getting more creative.  58% of Americans think that BARACK OBAMA would beat MITT ROMNEY in a fistfight . . . only 22% think Mitt would win.  74% of people would rather have Obama as their landlord . . . and 72% would rather fold his laundry than Mitt's. 
  • Gas has gotten so expensive, people are now willing to drive into a DRUG WAR to get it cheaper.  People in San Diego are heading across the border to Tijuana, because the average price in San Diego is $4.72 . . . and in Tijuana, it's around $3.30
  • I can't believe discrimination like this still exists.  Last weekend, a man was kicked out of a bar in Australia . . . because of his MULLET.  He says bouncers told him they didn't want his "type" there . . . and they were referring to the long, luxurious mullet he's been growing for TEN YEARS.  The bar wouldn't confirm or deny that was the reason they kicked him out. 
  • An 11-year-old boy in Florida was diagnosed with bone cancer five years ago, and had his right leg amputated.  But that hasn't stopped him from competing in kids' triathlons.  On Sunday, he did a 150-yard swim and a three-mile bike ride . . . but during the one-mile run, one of the screws on his prosthetic leg came loose and he fell down.  Luckily, a Marine volunteering at the race picked him up and carried him across the finish line. 
  • According to a new study, the countries with the highest per capita chocolate consumption win the most Nobel Prizes. 
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