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Posted 10/5/2012 5:48:00 AM


  • Is anyone surprised that Chris Brown and Rihanna were caught making out at a New York City club Tuesday night?
  • J.K. Rowling's book, "The Casual Vacancy," only sold 157,000 copies its first week. Very un-Potter like numbers.
  • An Australian billionaire is going to announce plans to build a full size, down-to-every-last-detail replica of the Titanic. He'll give details at a dinner in New York on December 4, at which they'll serve the same meal the passengers enjoyed that final day back in 1912.
  • Mitt Romney wanted to have in lunch in Denver at a place called Rosa Linda's... but the owner said, "No thanks"... so they went to a Chipotle. Now people are canceling reservations and food orders at Rosa Linda's because of that.
  • Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers became baseball's first Triple Crown winner since 1967. Cabrera had the best batting average (.330) the most home runs (44) and the most RBI's in the American league (139).
  • Studio guitarist Big Jim Sullivan has died at age 71. It's said he played guitar on over 1,000 songs on the charts during the 1960s and 1970s.
  • Tomorrow's the big day when Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart debate each other on a website, raising money for charity. $4.95 to watch, at
  • The rumor mill had the parents of Jessica and Ashley Simpson heading towards divorce. Now, they've listed their home for sale.
  • Thieves broke into Julianne Moore's West Village brownstone and stole $127,000 worth of jewelry sometime last summer.
  • By the way, the Captain Hook character was supposed to come and go on "Once Upon a Time," but producers have decided to make him a series regular.
  • The new "Frankenweenie" movie is actually a modern-effects re-telling of a movie Tim Burton did for Disney back in 1984 that eventually got him fired. It was supposed to be released with a re-release of Pinocchio... but it scared children in test audiences.
  • CAN YOU CARRY YOUR WIFE? _ The North American Wife Carrying Championship is Saturday in Maine.
  • CURIOSITY ROVER TO SCOOP FIRST MARS SAMPLES THIS WEEKEND _ NASA's Mars rover Curiosity will coop up its first batch of Martian soil samples this weekend. Curiosity arrived at a sandy patch called "Rocknest" on Wednesday. Mission scientists have called it a good spot for the robot's maiden scooping activities, which should begin Saturday, if all goes according to plan.
  • A new type of contact kens will be introduced this month that aims to actually cure nearsightedness. The idea is that if kids begin wearing them early enough, the lenses' unique design will train the eye to grow in a way that will eliminate vision problems. [By the time they're old enough to get a license they'll be able to drive and text with absolutely no problem.]
  • ANN ROMNEY TO SUB ON GOOD MORNING AMERICA _ Step aside, Mitt: Ann Romney's getting her moment in the spotlight. The hopeful future first lady will be filling in for Robin Roberts on Good Morning America on Wednesday. Ann will cohost ABC's morning program alongside George Stephanopoulos.
  • Yesterday, MARK ZUCKERBERG announced that Facebook has crossed the ONE BILLION USER mark.  It actually happened on September 14th, but he held off on announcing it until today.  They hit 500 million users in July of 2010, so it only took them a little over two years to double that.  Google is the only other Internet company that's hit the one billion user mark. 
  • More and more airline passengers are pretending to be handicapped, just so they can get to the front of the security line.  Wheelchair requests seem to go up whenever the security lines are long, and flight attendants call some flights, quote, "miracle flights" . . . because passengers need a chair when they're hurrying to get ON a plane, but somehow get 'cured' midair and don't need one when they land.
  • Last week in Delaware, a 31-year-old drunk driver crashed his SUV into a guardrail on the highway.  He told the cops it was because he'd swerved to avoid hitting an ELEPHANT.  The cops are pretty sure there was no elephant
  • Police in South Carolina are currently searching for a woman who shoplifted about $650 worth of stuff from a Kmart last Wednesday.  The cops' best chance to catch her is her UNIQUE look . . . apparently, the woman had a FULL GOATEE. 
  • An 80-year-old man in England and his 60-year-old daughter bought a lottery ticket every week since 1994 . . . and they always bought their ticket from the same store.  The most they'd ever won was $15.  So last Friday, they decided to change things up.  They bought their ticket from a different place . . . matched all six numbers . . . and won a $6.3 million jackpot.
  • IN THEATERS _ Frankenweenie (PG); Taken 2 (PG-13); Pitch Perfect (PG-13, wide release)
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