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Posted 10/5/2012 5:43:00 AM


In the Twittersphere, it was pretty much agreed that the first presidential debate, which was moderated by Jim Lehrer at the University of Denver, was boring. And that's where Twitter users made it more interesting by posting funny tweets. CNN's Brandon Griggs with assistance from Doug Gross and Heather Kelly scoured Twitter to find the funniest debate-related tweets. Here are their ten favorites:

  1. Linnea Sandstrom -- Romney has a bigger U.S. flag pin than Obama. The debate is over?
  2. Marc Lombardi -- The debate would be much more interesting & informative if a buzzer went off every time an untrue statement was made.
  3. Kristi Harrison -- I have to admit they're both pretty handsome. I'm waiting for the swimsuit competition to decide.
  4. Fired Big Bird -- Somewhere Paul Ryan is kicking over trash cans in hopes of smoking out Oscar the Grouch
  5. Danny Sullivan -- Sorry, that was Obama spending five seconds arguing that he's owed five more seconds to argue
  6. Mo Mandel -- This is the worst SNL skit of all time.
  7. Fired Big Bird -- If you don't vote Obama, Mitt Romney is going to be eating me by the end of November. Show your support.
  8. Nisha Chittal -- where is the orchestra from the Emmys when you need them!
  9. Dennis Miller Show -- Obama better hope a Kicked A** is covered under Obamacare
  10. Are You Italian? -- The debates in my house are much louder.
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