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Posted 10/4/2012 5:48:00 AM


  • What's going to happen when "The X-Factor" gets to live shows? Well, last season's British host is gone... and Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian are rumored to be the new co-hosts.
  • CBS' Tuesday night lineup continued to dominate the ratings race, averaging a 2.9 rating. New drama "Vegas" was off 16% with a 2.1, "NCIS" slipped 12% for a 3.6 and "NCIS: LA" fell 9% from the previous week to a 3.1. Even so, every network saw declines in viewership on Tuesday.
  • Adele's new song, "Skyfall" officially comes out Friday, but there are leaks of it on the Internet if you look hard enough.
  • The big uproar about a UFO sighting in Cincinnati turned out to be just lights from a half-time show at a nearby football stadium.
  • Singer R.B. Greaves has died at age 68. His 15 minutes of fame were centered around the song, "Take a Letter, Maria."
  • Joey Fatone got the boot this week on "Dancing with the Stars."
  • Selena Gomez got a tattoo on the back of her neck this week: the number 76 in Roman numerals.
  • After getting injured on the set, Robert Downey Jr. is back at work again on "Iron Man 3."
  • Here's a "time flies" one for you -- the Cartoon Network is turning 20 years old.
  • Every election, voters in both political parties threaten to LEAVE the country if their candidate doesn't win.  So JetBlue is giving them the chance to do it.  They're giving away 1,006 free plane tickets OUT of the country to people whose candidate loses.  You need to register at JetBlue's website and tell them who you plan to vote for.  So far, 53% of the people who have entered plan to vote for BARACK OBAMA . . . and 47% will vote for MITT ROMNEY
  • On Tuesday morning, a woman tried to bring her plastic bottle of SMIRNOFF VODKA through security at Dulles Airport in the D.C. area.  The TSA told her no, since obviously it was over three ounces.  But rather than throw it away, she started DRINKING it right there in line.  And apparently she even offered other people sips.
  • A dentist in Indonesia has created a special drill that drowns out the horrible, bone-chilling drill sound with MUSIC.  And it's designed to use the patient's mouth as an AMPLIFIER . . . so the more they open their mouth, the louder the music gets.  There's no word on whether he's planning to market and sell it.
  • A few weeks ago, a man in Minnesota took $1,100 out of the bank but lost the envelope.  He told the cops, but figured the money was gone for good.  Then a week later, he got an INCREDIBLE call from the police.  An anonymous person had returned the money to the cops.  Well . . . most of it.  The anonymous person returned $900 of the $1,100 with a note that he, quote, "really needed" $200.
  • There's a 33-year-old man in Michigan who likes to dress as BATMAN and help the police fight crime.  They do NOT want his help.  Last week the cops and K-9 unit were searching for a driver who'd fled from a crash, and the man joined in the search as Batman.  They told him to leave since he might throw off the dogs.  He refused and was arrested for FELONY obstruction.  He could get two years in prison. 
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