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Posted 10/3/2012 5:44:00 AM


Whether you flip 'em, curl 'em or twist 'em, those glossy locks on the of your head are broadcasting all sorts of information about you.

You may be getting older, but you're fighting it every step of the way with fluffy bangs to hide your forehead. You're conscientious about your diet, and although you're not in the gym every day, you take daily walks to stay in shape. You always know what's in style and your friends take their cues from you when it comes to fashion.

Long, flowing waves
This romantic style indicates a sensitive soul with a dreamy personality. Your intuitive nature makes you a whiz at reading people. Although you're seldom judgmental, you can spot a fake at 10 paces. Creativity is your long suit, and you wow your friends and family with inspired ideas and projects that everyone enjoys.

You are synonymous with cool. And just as you keep every hair in place, your life is orderly and always together. When others are losing their heads, you remain unperturbed and use your energy to find solutions. Loved ones, friends and co-workers depend on your strength as you bring a thoughtful calm to most any situation.

French Twist
Witty and sophisticated, you're often the center of attention. People are drawn to your sparkling personality and hilarious storytelling. A genius at giving a positive spin to the direst situation, you refuse to take life too seriously -- a trait that sometimes drivers your loved ones nuts. Remember to come down to earth once in a while.

Straight, Blunt Cut
You're a smart cookie, and people in your circle admire your brainpower. There's nothing you like better than a spirited debate, and you're not shy about your opinions. Fortunately, your lively sense of humor keeps you from being too serious, and this combination of intelligence and laughter makes you a winner.

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