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Here is the single biggest question women want an answer to: "Why guys lie?" Here are reasons men lie to you.

  • He didn't want to hurt you -- Guys have been known to modify truths if those truths would hurt someone they care about, and in some cases, the victim of the lie can appreciate it as a kindness.
  • He didn't want to hurt himself -- This is the classic "the truth would have embarrassed me" argument.
  • He said what he thought you wanted to hear -- Men are not the most astute readers of feminine desires, and sometimes they will fib because they believe that you'd rather hear an untruth than something potentially hurtful.
  • Some things are best left unsaid -- Occasionally men will lie to protect a secret that is either not your business or would cause trouble if revealed, or both.
  • He's a jerk -- Some guys are just jerks.

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