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Everything is Great in my New Relationship..But___

So, you've been dating someone for a while. And everything is great except ______. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Annoying habits. Sometimes, little things can drive you crazy. But are they enough to warrant breaking up? Maybe not, if you and your partner can work out a deal. For instance, if you hate the way he drives, don't lie about it, but say, "Look, I'm really not comfortable with the way you drive, but I love the rest of you. I want to do the driving when we're together."
  • Career conflict. Does your date respect and value your ambitious goals? Or do you end up feeling guilty when you focus on your business or career? Or, at the other end of the spectrum, do you feel as if your date is so career-centric that he or she never enjoys life? Try talking about it together, in a non-judgmental, non-blaming way. Explain what your needs are, and how you feel about the other person's outlook on the topic.
  • The deal-breaker debate. It's fair to say that if someone doesn't meet your minimum requirements, your evaluation should be easy -- dump that person. To really evaluate the person you are dating, you need to really know your "non-negotiables."
  • A bonus tip... Say you're not having any obvious conflicts, but you still want to do a little evaluation of whether you two are meant to be. Here's one more way to assess your date's future fitness: Consider how good a job your date does at meeting his or her goals. Your date is likely to treat you in the future the way he or she treats him or herself today.

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