The top 10 happiest and healthiest U.S. cities

The editors of Prevention magazine evaluated 100 of the largest U.S. cities on 48 measures of health and happiness -- that is, general well-being. Factors taken into account included everything from a city's green space and concert halls to disease incidence and unemployment. The top 10 happiest and healthiest U.S. cities -- and why they can't stop smiling:

  1. San Jose: Tops in eating organic produce
  2. Salt Lake City: Low cancer rates, along with the best cancer-survival rates among the 100 cities in this study
  3. Minneapolis-St. Paul: Top scores for heart health
  4. Anaheim: Top score in access to fitness facilities; residents maintain healthy weights
  5. San Diego: The most active residents, with the highest percentage of people who work out regularly
  6. Fargo: Very high scores in regular church attendance
  7. San Francisco: Almost endless cultural offerings, perhaps one reason it has high physical and mental health scores, too
  8. Madison: Highest scores in low crime rates and affordable fresh produce
  9. Sioux Falls: Highest levels of self-reported health
  10. Honolulu: Off-the-charts mental health scores