Your favorite shape dictates everything from the design of your home to your choice of car. And experts say your subconscious reaction to particular forms reveals your personality:

You're always at the head of the pack, leading the way with your bright ideas and authoritative manner. Even as a child, your peers trusted your judgment. The triangle also represents strong ambition, and you are driven to success both at home and on the job. You have no trouble staying on top, and you use your power judiciously to accomplish without being offensive.

You have loads of common sense and can always be depended upon to offer a practical solution to the thorniest problems. Your relaxed, friendly demeanor makes you popular with bosses and colleagues. You have a creative side that you use to great advantage with projects like decorating your home or throwing a memorial bash. You're also logical and organized attributes you call on to achieve your life goals.

Your uncanny ability to divine future events gives you a leg up on the competition. That's because you're able to read other people so well, you can make an educated guess on how they will react to situations. Add that to your logical side that appreciates structure and duty and you're a formidable combination of strengths. You intuitively assess a situation to find a solution.

You believe in live and let live. This unusual shape fits you because it represents the way you think outside the box and never make assumptions based on society's rules. You prefer to keep your options open, making decisions more from your emotions than your intellect. Refusing a prejudge a person or a situation is your only rule.

Your outlook is as bright as the sun, and you see the up side even when faced with daunting calamities. You know the worth of a positive attitude, staying upbeat as you analyze the problem and discover just the right answer. You hang onto hope in the direst of situations, believing that your negotiating skills will get you out of tight spots. Your sunny disposition attracts hordes of admirers who look to you for steadfast reassurance.

You're an old soul who has gleaned the wisdom of the ages as if you'd lived dozes of lifetimes. Beyond giving sage advice, you enjoy pushing the limits when dealing with a challenge. You keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, not giving way whether you win or lose. You know you'll get your chance to succeed eventually, and you'll definitely be ready to grab the brass ring. Until then, you're content to dream.