The flower you like best reveals hidden personality traits that you may never have know about. Here's what your favorite bloom reveals about the real you:

  • Roses, Carnations or Peonies -- You're a traditional person who lives to nurture family and friends.
  • Irises, Lilies or Orchids -- You're a hard charger who thrives on adventurous pursuits and achieving objectives.
  • Lilacs or Hydrangeas -- You're a team player who uses your diplomatic skills to bring people together to solve problems.
  • Sunflowers, Gardenias or Hibiscus -- You're a positive thinker with an exuberant love of life that attracts others.
  • Lily of the Valley, Bluebells or Daffodils -- You're intuitive and sensitive to others' needs and know how to fulfill them.
  • Jasmine, Freesia or Honeysuckles -- You know what you want and how to get it, and others gladly follow wherever you lead.
  • Violets, Tulips or Crocuses -- You appreciate the simple things in life and rarely stress out over daily frustrations.