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  • No more short black skirts as Faith Hill and "Sunday Night Football" are breaking up. She felt it was time "to let someone else rock the open."
  • Kevin Richardson and his wife Kristin are expecting their second child.
  • Just a sip of beer puts your brain into pleasure mode. A new study shows that just tasting beer may be enough to trigger the release of the pleasure chemical dopamine in the brain
  • The IRS says, according to their statistics, that you're more likely to cheat on your taxes if you live in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta or Washington, DC.
  • 97% of readers of Self say they're periodically or constantly worried about something. Only 3% say they let most things roll off their back.
  • Ozzy Osbourne says he's been sober 44 days and, as far as he and Sharon are concerned, are still married. But lots of rumors to the contrary.
  • Garth Brooks' former assistant is suing the singer, saying she deserves $425,000 for all that she put up with.
  • Of course, Westboro Baptist Church says it's going to protest the funerals of those killed in the Boston Marathon.
  • John Galardi has died at the age of 75. He was the founder of the fast food chain, Der Wienerschnitzel.
  • Rihanna suddenly canceled her concert in Houston the other night. Ticket holders have been told to hang on, because the show will be rescheduled. But what's going on?
  • Jeanne Cooper, who has played Katherine Chancellor on "The Young and the Restless" for nearly 40 years, was hospitalized on Friday. She's 84 and her son is asking for prayers.
  • From Boston: of the over 160 people injured, 30 have at least one leg missing.
  • Did you hear about that 6-year-old in Lampeer, Michigan who drove his dad's car on his own in search of Chinese food? His dad was home asleep the whole time. [I don't mean to judge but that's simply bad parenting. Every responsible parent teaches his child how to order delivery.]
  • SPORTS ILLUSTRATED FEATURES BOSTON MARATHON COVER _ The new Sports Illustrated covershows four Boston police officers converging over 78-year-old marathoner Bill Iffrig, who was knocked down by one of the blasts as he approached the finish line.
  • YELLOW LINES PAINTED IN 4-FOOT-WIDE ALLEY _ Officials in a British city (Swindon) say contractors who painted yellow lines down the center of a 4-foot-wide alley must have forgotten how big cars actually are. Residents were shocked to see the lines had been painted down the center of a 60-foot-long alleyway, even though the 4-foot width of the alley makes it impossible for cars to use.
  • PAT SUMMERALL HAS DIED _ Pat Summerall was the voice of the NFL for decades, starting with CBS' Sunday telecasts and later with Fox. Summerall passed away Tuesday in Dallas. He was 82.
  • BOYS ARE EASIER TO RAISE THAN GIRLS, RIGHT? _ Boys are easier to raise than girls, right? That's what over half of us start out thinking, at least. A new survey discovered more than half of American couples want their first child to be a boy because they are (quote) "less hard work." Only 21% have their heart set on a daughter. 32% have no preference.
  • We know a little more about the three people killed in the Boston Marathon bombing:  29-year-old Krystle Campbell was there cheering for a friend . . . eight-year-old Martin Richard was there with his mom and sister to cheer on his dad . . . and a graduate student from China was there with some classmates from Boston University.  His name hasn't been released.  
  • We learned some new information about the Boston Marathon bombing yesterday:  The bombs were made from regular kitchen pressure cookers, stuffed with ball bearings and nails . . . there are at least 1,000 officers working on the case, but no suspects have been identified . . . and the injury toll is now up to 176, with 17 people in critical condition. 
  • A new study out of Rhode Island found that the average 18-year-old girl spends more time TEXTING than SLEEPING.  The women in the study spent an average of 12 hours a day texting, going online, and using social networks.
  • Someone FINALLY made milk that tastes like the milk at the bottom of a cereal bowl.  A company called Cow Wow is rolling out its new "cereal milk" nationwide.  It comes in flavors designed to taste like Fruity Pebbles or Cocoa Pebbles.  Flavors modeled after Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch are coming soon.
  • According to a survey of real-estate agents, you'll have a tougher time selling your house if you smoke.  56% said that buyers are LESS likely to buy a house where people smoke . . . and 27% said that most buyers REFUSE to buy a smoker's house.  And if you do sell it, the price could be 29% lower.
  • American Airlines temporarily grounded ALL of its flights yesterday afternoon . . . but it was because of a problem with their reservation system, and nothing to do with the bombing in Boston. 
  • ON DVD THIS WEEK _ Released Tuesday, April 16

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