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  • Annette Funicello, a 12-year-old in Mickey Mouse Club and star of several beach movies died Monday. She was 70. Trivia: Paul Anka wrote "Puppy Love" for her.
  • Katie Holmes has been in the frequent company of musician Peter Cincotti, just so you know.
  • Actress Halle Berry and her fiance, French actor Olivier Martinez, are expecting a child together.
  • Wesley Snipes has been released from prison after serving time for tax evasion.
  • Husband and wife Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are going to appear on Broadway together in the play, "Betrayal."
  • When Katy Sagal guest-stars on "Glee," it will be as Artie's mom.
  • Tom Arnold is a dad for the first time at age 54. He and his wife welcome Jax Copeland Arnold into the world over the weekend. He tweeted, "I'm looking forward to being a 70-year-old Little League coach."
  • Former adult film star Jenna Jameson was arrested after she reportedly attacked someone at an Orange County home.
  • Former British Prime Minister Margret Thatcher has died following a stroke at age 87.
  • It's said that Jay Leno is getting $15 million to keep his mouth shut and go away from "The Tonight Show" gracefully.
  • Microsoft ends support for Windows XP one year from now.
  • Researchers announced that they have figured out that they can cut the fat of a chocolate bar in half by infusing the bar with liquid such as water, fruit juice or soda. [I know what liquid you can infuse my chocolate bar with. Hot chocolate.]
  • SEARS, WALMART PORTRAIT STUDIOS CLOSE _ The American tradition of posing for family photos at department stores is about done. CPI Corp, the portrait provider behind studios in Sears and some Walmart stores has closed. A statement on its website says all its U.S. locations have shut down.
  • ARE YOU A DIGITAL OMNIVORE? _ A new survey reveals that U.S. consumers are undergoing a dramatic transition in how, when and where they engage with content, devices and each other. One in four of us are digital omnivores -- we own a laptop, a smartphone and a tablet.
  • READY TO LIVE FOREVER-ISH? _ A rich guy in Russia believes that through his newest venture he'll be able to give humans the ability to live forever. By the year 2045, this guy's group hopes to create the technology in which the person's consciousness is transferred into "hologram-like human avatars."
  • According a new survey, $25 is enough money to get most people to put up with an annoying marketing pitch.  78% of people would give their personal information in an online survey for 25 bucks . . . and 55% would sit through a TWO-HOUR focus group.  And young people are actually more-easily bought:  93% of people in their 20s would do a 10-minute phone survey for $10. 
  • Bad news . . . this year, the IRS plans on checking FACEBOOK and TWITTER to see if you're cheating on your taxes.  Like, if you write off a vacation as a business trip, they might check your Facebook to see if you were really just partying.  Fortunately, they can't Facebook stalk EVERYONE . . . so it'll just be people who've been flagged for an audit or potential audit. 
  • According to a new study, DAYDREAMING and driving is FIVE TIMES more dangerous than TEXTING and driving.  About 10% of the fatal car crashes in the U.S. in the past two years were caused by a distracted driver.  Of those accidents, 62% were a result of a driver who was just lost in thought.  12% were because of a phone.
  • Over the weekend, a group of people were hiking in Tennessee and tried to cross a creek with a strong current.  They ended up calling 911 for a rescue . . . because they were afraid the current could GET THEIR ELECTRONICS WET.  And a rescue crew actually came and helped them.  There's no word on whether they'll be charged for the rescue. 
  • 'THE BIBLE' BECOMES TOP-SELLING ON DVD _ Mark Burnett and Roma Downey's The Bible is shattering sales records in its first week of home video release, selling 525,000 units to become the top-selling TV miniseries of all time. Additionally, The Bible is now the No. 1-selling TV program on DVD in the last five years.
  • NEW ON DVD _ Released Tuesday, April 9

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