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  • HBO's "Game of Thrones" third season opener on Sunday pulled 4.4 million viewers, while the season three finale of AMC's "Walking Dead" lured a whopping 12.4 million viewers, both series bests. At the same time, History's miniseries "The Bible" drew 11.7 million viewers for its finale.
  • You know him as Finn on "Glee." In real-life, he's Cory Monteith and he's heading into rehab to battle a substance abuse problem.
  • Google is getting some heat for featuring farm worker union leader Caesar Chavez in its specialized logo on Easter Sunday, rather than Easter itself.
  • An autographed copy of the Beatles Sergeant Pepper's album has sold at an auction for $290,500.
  • Jim Carrey has described FOX News as "a media colostomy bag."
  • And the baseball season is underway!
  • David Morrissey will be back for season 4 as The Governor on "The Walking Dead."
  • TBS has renewed Conan O'Brien's late-night show through November, 2015.
  • Judge Joe Brown, the second highest-rated court show in television syndication after Judge Judy, has been canceled by CBS because of a salary dispute.
  • Billy Joel says his upcoming concerts will be a test for him. If he has fun, he'll keep getting out. If not, he's going to hang up his traveling piano and stop doing concerts.
  • According to a new book, Freddy Mercury once snuck Princess Diana into a gay bar in the late 1980s and, because she was dressed up like a guy, no one noticed her.
  • Rapper Lil Wayne has finally publicly admitted that he has epilepsy. That explains those recent seizures.
  • TODAY IN _ 1978 (35 years ago), Dallas debuted on CBS. It starred Larry Hagman as J.R. Ewing, Linda Gray as Sue Ellen, Barbara Bel Geddes as Miss Ellie, Patrick Duffy as Bobby, Victoria Principal as Pam, Charlene Tilton as Lucy, and Jim Davis as Jock.
  •  The 40-year-old gorilla at the Bronx Zoo died. [The news was particularly heartbreaking as the death occurred only days after it had signed a 1-year $10 million deal to come out of retirement and pitch for the Yankees.]
  • WHAT SCARES WOMEN? _ According to a new survey, almost half of women are scared to death of... poverty. That's a good fear, and it's shared by women in all income brackets. Six in 10 women now consider themselves the family breadwinner, and 54% handle the family finances. Even women in the 200-thousand-plus bracket fear becoming a "bag lady."
  • YOU COULD BEAT OBAMA IN A FREE-THROW CONTEST _ President Barack Obama played basketball with some kids at the White House Monday during the annual White House Easter Egg Roll festivities. Unofficial stats marked his shooting performance at 2-for-22. And he missed his first 18 shots.
  •  911? THIS IS A CHINESE FOOD EMERGENCY _ A New Hampshire woman called 911. The 57-year-old woman told firefighters she wanted help in ordering Chinese takeout. She was arrested for misuse of 911.
  • 'WALKING DEAD' FINALE RATINGS _  The Walking Dead ratings for the Season 3 finale were the show's best yet: 12.4 million viewers tuned in.
  •  NUMBER FOR THE DAY _ 3,565,718: Tickets sold for Philadelphia Phillies games in 2012, the most in Major League Baseball. A close second in ticket sales was the New York Yankees. Tampa Bay sold the least number of tickets in 2012: 1,559,681.
  • There was an April Fools' story yesterday about DRONES being used to deliver newspapers.  And the website the Drudge Report totally fell for it . . . they had it as the top headline for about 20 minutes.  They got it from the "San Francisco Chronicle", which also fell for it.
  • Starting tomorrow, Pizza Huts nationwide are going to be selling a new pizza where there's no real crust . . . just MORE CHEESE.  The dough for the crust is shaped into pockets which are stuffed with cheese.  It'll sell for $13. 
  • A new survey asked people to name their BIGGEST REGRET from college.  48% wish they'd studied more, and 40% wish they'd done more networking.  BUT . . . 4% wish they'd HAD MORE SEX . . . and 1% wish they'd DONE MORE DRUGS
  • In Illinois, a man is SUING a cat's owner for $100,000 . . . because the cat ATTACKED and SCRATCHED him while he was cat-sitting it in 2011.  If that seems like an excessive amount, we're guessing it's because there's more to this than the cat scratch . . . it looks like the cat's owner is ALSO the guy's ex-wife.
  • New York charges an extra eight cent tax if you get a sliced bagel instead of an unsliced one?  Plus 11 other weird taxes by state.
  • ON DVD TODAY _ Released April 2

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