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  • "The Office" is almost over, but Rainn Wilson already has his next job lined up, as a cop in a new CBS pilot.
  • A&E's "Bates Motel" premiere debuted with 3 million viewers on Monday night.
  • Beyonce says she put on 57 pounds while pregnant with Blue Ivy, but lost all that extra weight in 3 months. OK, group hate!
  • Just so you know -- the odds of filling out a perfect March Madness brack is 1 in 9.2 quintillion.
  • Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak's home in Los Gatos, California, is on the market. Yours for just $4.395 million.
  • Katie Holmes won't talk about her ex, Tom Cruise, but she does say that she hopes 2013 is a better year.
  • Two London men were arrested, allegedly planning to kidnap and behead singer Joss Stone.
  • Lil Wayne is out of the hospital. Still don't know the cause of the seizures that put him in there.
  • Don't know what T-Mobile's up to, but they sent out invitations to an exclusive event next week. Inside, it said: "We're still a wireless company. We're just not going to act like one anymore."
  • Spring officially arrived overnight, the earliest in a century.
  • Lindsay Lohan accepted a plea deal Monday that'll lock her up in rehab for 90 days.
  • Bill O'Reilly and his wife separated back in 2010, their divorce is now final, but it's still one bitter topic.
  • Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert say "Ignore the rumors, we're still happily married!"
  • Samsung confirms they're coming out with their own version of the eventual Apple Smartwatch. The battle continues.
  • SO LONG, WINTER- Many parts of the country will disagree, but winter's over. Spring (begins/began) this morning at 6:02 CT.
  • STATUE OF LIBERTY TO REOPEN BY INDEPENDENCE DAY _ The Statue of Liberty, which took a beating from Superstorm Sandy, will reopen to the public by Independence Day. The statue itself wasn't damaged but its surrounding island was.
  • The new Pope officially began his papacy this week. [The first thing he did was ban really big soft drinks.]
  •  WHERE CAN YOU BUY A SAUSAGE DOUBLE BEEF BURGER? _ McDonald's China is now serving Sausage Double Beef Burgers. It's two beef patties and two plump sausages drizzled with mustard.
  • PEOPLE ARE ABANDONING CABLE AND SATELLITE FOR STREAMING _ Used to be if someone said they didn't have a TV you just had to look at them funny. No cable? No satellite TV? No rabbit ears picking up free over-the-air HD? Weirdo. But today "zero TVers" are becoming more commonplace. In 2007 the number of U.S. households with no TV was just over 2 million. Today it's five million.
  • WOMAN IN INDIA HAS FIVE HUSBANDS _ If your husband doesn't help with household chores much, get a few more. Husbands, that is. In a small village in northern India five brothers are married to a 21-year-old woman. Rajo Verma says, "I get a lot more attention and love than most wives. I sleep with them in turn."
  • KATY PERRY AND JOHN MAYER BREAK UP AGAIN _ Katy Perry and John Mayer have reportedly split for a second time. Perry and Mayer began dating last summer, briefly broke up, but had reconciled by September.
  • You may not consider yourself a HOARDER . . . but a new study found that nine out of 10 people could make at least $1,500 just by selling the old junk they don't use anymore.  And the study found almost EVERYONE has some clothes, books, or shoes in their house they never use.
  • In April, 1988, the "Los Angeles Times Magazine" did a cover story predicting what life would be like in 2013.  Now that 25 years have passed, a class at USC is looking back to see what they got right.  They correctly predicted video chatting, long-distance classes, smart phones, and GPS systems in cars.  But they also said we'd have robot maids and robot pets.
  • Coca-Cola is about to roll out a new product next month called Fruitwater.  But unlike Vitaminwater, which contains vitamins, Fruitwater will not contain a SINGLE TRACE OF FRUIT.  Just chemicals to give it fruit flavors. 
  • Yesterday, around 6:00 A.M., someone spotted an 18-year-old pushing an AIR CONDITIONER down the street in a wheelbarrow.  When the cops stopped him, he explained what happened.  He was recently convicted of shoplifting from WALMART and owed a $200 settlement . . . so his plan was to sell the stolen air conditioner to pay that off.  He was arrested.
  • Just in time for Easter, police in Georgia have busted a couple for RABBIT HOARDING.  They went to a house because of a probation violation, and found at least 77 RABBITS running around inside . . . plus, quote, "copious amounts of rabbit feces on the ground, beds, couches, [and] counters."  The 47-year-old man and woman in the house were arrested for animal cruelty. 
  • A woman in Pennsylvania was arrested for parking her car on some train tracks so a train would hit it . . . because she was annoyed by the train whistle blowing when she was on the phone. 
  • An 18-year-old in Kentucky was charged with disorderly conduct for shouting "Bingo" in a crowded bingo hall, when he hadn't really won.  The judge also ordered him not to say the word for six months.  
  • There's a chicken in China that lays huge eggs that have another entire egg inside it.
  • NEW ON DVD THIS WEEK _ Released on March 19

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