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Things U Need 2 Know: 2/28/13

  • CBS won the February TV sweeps. The Super Bowl helped.
  • Ben Affleck shaved off his beard at a post-Oscar party.
  • CBS' new cop drama "Golden Boy" on Tuesday at 10pm drew 10.46 million total viewers, or 28% below what "Vegas" premiered to in that slot back in September. The series will move to Fridays on March 8.
  • Miss Delaware Teen USA has resigned after a porn video in which she reportedly starred in, surfaced on the Internet.
  • The cast members of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" have been named the celebrities Americans would least like to have as neighbors.
  • An Australian billionaire has ordered a full size replica of the Titanic and is hoping to offer cruises on it beginning in 2016.
  • Bobby Brown has been sentenced to 55 days in an Los Angles County jail, after being found guilty of drunk driving.
  • Michelle Williams and Jason Segel are no longer an item.
  • Seth MacFarlane says that was it, he's done. No more Oscar hosting.
  • A new study claims that 15% of women and 7% of men over 50 reported having acne.
  • Jennifer Aniston is planning out a wedding, but a small one, according to People magazine.
  • Carrie Fisher had to be hospitalized after suffering a bipolar incident on a cruise ship.
  • Downton Abbey will get its first black character next season.
  • North Korea says that the US is now well within range of its latest nuclear missiles. [My house could get hit with a nuclear missile all the way from North Korea but the local Chinese restaurant says I live outside their delivery area.]
  • MARRIED COUPLE WANTED FOR MARS VOYAGE _ A new nonprofit company is launching a plan to launch the first manned mission to Mars in 2018, a voyage that could include a married crew. The project, led by American millionaire Dennis Tito -- who paid his own way to space in 2001 -- aims not to land people on the surface of the Red Planet, but to take advantage of a rare planetary alignment that would allow a relatively easy, quick flyby of Mars. Tito hopes to choose a space capsule and rocket from among those already on the market, and modify them to carry two people to Mars and back in 501 days.
  • TV TONIGHT: AMERICAN IDOL _ The fourth and final group of semifinalists performs in this 2-hour edition. (8p ET, FOX)
  • GAME OF THRONES DIRECTOR: ILLEGAL DOWNLOADS HELP SHOW _ HBO's Game of Thrones holds the title for most-pirated show of 2012, but one of the show's directors isn't concerned about the massive piracy from online viewers. Director David Petrarca thinks the buzz the show's pirates create benefits the show because the chatter could influence others to tune in legally. Season three of Game of Thrones premieres March 31.
  • HONEY BOO BOO USING FACEBOOK TO SELL COOKIES _ Well this just seems unfair. Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson is using Facebook to sell Girl Scout cookies. Thompson's fan page says each box will be signed by the Boo Boo herself and include an autographed pictured of the family.
  • Not really sure what to do with this information but in the aftermath of the Chelyabinsk meteor crash in Russia, a startling 50 percent of Russians say they think the blast that injured thousands was in fact NOT a meteor. As to what they did think it was, there is a wide variety of theories, including that the blast was a message from God, a crashing alien spaceship, or even an extraterrestrial Trojan horse carrying a deadly space virus to wipe out the Earth
  • A Church in England has put out a 30-minute CD of near-total silence to show off just how quiet the church is and to raise money for a fundraising project. Those who have listened to the disc say they could only make out the occasional squeaking of footsteps on the wooden floor and the very distant hum of passing cars.
  • In Connecticut, a parent was upset because the high school basketball coach wasn't giving his son a lot of playing time.  So his solution was . . . hire a private investigator to dig up dirt on the coach and get him FIRED.  And it worked.  The private investigator found the coach had appeared in a short film 10 years ago with sexual themes, and the school decided to let him go. 
  • NEW ON DVD THIS WEEK _ Released Tuesday, February 26.

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