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Thinsg U Need 2 Know- Tues 2/12/13

  • Pope Benedict has announced he'll resign at the end of the month because of failing health. The last pope to resign was Pope Gregory XII in 1415.
  • AMC's "The Walking Dead" returned for the back-half of its third season to a whopping 12.3 million viewers on Sunday night, making it the series' largest audience ever.
  • Anthony Edwards returns to TV this Thursday on a new ABC show called "Zero Hour."
  • "Argo" was named Best Picture at Britain's version of the Oscars.
  • They held a big pre-Mardi Gras event in the New Orleans Super Bowl last Saturday, which included a performance by Kelly Clarkson, and for the record -- the lights stayed on the whole time.
  • Chris Brown totaled his Porsche Saturday night, claiming he was being chase by paparazzi. Well, let's think about that: if he WAS being chased and he crashed, wouldn't someone be showing off pictures of him in a wrecked car?
  • If you had gotten close enough to Faith Hill at the Grammy's, you would have seen that she's back in braces. As in, her teeth.
  • Carrie Underwood was wearing $31 million worth of diamonds at the Grammys.
  • Lil Wayne says he was kicked out of a Lakers/Heat game in Miami because he was cheering for the Lakers.
  • MOUNTAIN DEW'S NEW MORNING DRINK -Mountain Dew has a new morning soda to start your day off right. It's called Kickstart. Kickstart is a "sparkling juice beverage" that contains only 5 percent real juice and 95 percent... uh. For the record, the 16-ounce version of Kickstart has less than a third the caffeine of a Starbucks coffee drink.
  • BUY 30 YEARS OF GAMING FOR $550,000 _ For just $550,000 you can have your own instant video game museum. A collector is selling 6,850 game titles on eBay for that amount. The auction also includes 330 gaming consoles, 220 controllers, 185 accessories, and countless promotional posters, action figures, soundtracks, and strategy guides.
  • STATE OF THE UNION 2013 - President Obama will address a joint session of Congress, and the nation, tonight about the current condition of the country. (8p CT)
  • MOVIE TICKET PRICES SLIGHTLY HIGHER IN 2012 _ Did movie ticket prices seem higher last year? They were -- buy 3 cents. The average cost of a movie ticket rose to an all-time high of $7.96 last year (in the U.S.), but that was just 3 cents more than a ticket cost in 2011.
  • We THINK this is an urban legend . . . but even if it is, it's a pretty good one.  A clip from a magazine is circling online, with a story from a 68-year-old woman in Texas.  She says her husband gave her a bouquet every Valentine's Day for 46 years, until he passed away.  The next Valentine's Day, she STILL got a bouquet, and kind of freaked out.  But it turned out that before he died, he prepaid so she'd keep getting flowers. 
  • Here's the latest in OVERPROTECTIVE PARENTING.  Parents have complained to the world's largest fortune cookie company, in New York, about fortunes that talk about LOVE and ROMANCE.  They don't want their kids reading them.  So the company has agreed to pull all of its romantic fortunes because, quote, "we want messages . . . that don't upset a single person." 

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