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Things U Need 2 Know- Mon 2/10/13

  • There are some who say that Beyonce debuted a new nose at the Superbowl game.
  • Robin Sachs, who played Ethan Rayne on the hit series "Buffy The Vampire Slayer, has died, at age 61.
  • John Mayer says he admits it -- up until now, at times, he's been a jerk.
  • Mindy McCready, has been admitted to inpatient facility last Wednesday and her two sons placed in foster care.
  • If you didn't see too much skin during the Grammy's it's because CBS asked stars not to bare too much. The network requested that "buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered." The memo also warned against "see-through clothing," exposure of "the genital region" and that "thong type costumes are problematic."
  • Don't know what's going with "Up all Night" but Christina Applegate says she's out. Rumor has them replacing her with Lisa Kudrow.
  • Tony Danza's divorce after separating from his wife back in 2006 has been finalized.
  • Ex-Cowboys defensive lineman Tony Casillas says back in his playing days, players were given DMSO to rub on their bodies... it's what veterinarians use on horse muscles.
  • Music teachers are now eligible for a Grammy honor of their own. Beginning next year, a music educator award that will be presented to a deserving teacher.
  • Robin Roberts will return from her bout with cancer and be back on the set of "Good Morning, America" on February 20.
  • I keep forgetting that Snoop Dogg changed his name to Snoop Lion.
  • Lindsay Lohan has been served with a foreclosure notice as a bank prepares to repossess the New York home where she has been living with her mother at her mansion in Long Island, New York. Her mom, Dina, has reportedly fallen behind with mortgage payments, and even borrowed $40,000 from Lindsay last year.
  • 73-year-old Oscar-nominated actor James Cromwell was arrested last week at the University of Wisconsin -- after bursting into a board meeting... claiming the school tortures cats in the name of science.
  • In case you're curious, the answer is "no" -- the Harbaugh brothers haven't spoken since the Super Bowl.
  • On Tuesday night President Obama will deliver the State of the Union Address. Marco Rubio will give the GOP response. Ron Paul will represent the Tea Party. [And New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will speak on behalf of Dunkin Donuts.] 
  • PASTA SAUCE IS $35 A JAR _ If you'll pay $5 for a cup of coffee, maybe you're the type who will pay $35 for a jar of pasta sauce. Sunday Gravy, is made by chef Steven Smith and Grace Clerihew. They spend 6 to 8 hours slow-braising pork shoulder and beef chuck before adding it to a plum-tomato sauce with basil, onions and garlic, mini-meatballs and sliced sausage. The $35 gets you a 32-ounce jar. 
  • HOW POPULAR IS VALENTINE'S DAY? - How popular is Valentines Day in America? Not as popular as you may think. Sixty percent will celebrate on Thursday, making just about every other holiday, except St. Patrick's Day, more popular.
  • TWINS' DNA HINDERS INVESTIGATION _ If you watch Law & Order: SVU, I'm betting this will be the plot of an upcoming episode. Police in France are investigating a series of sexual assaults and have arrested identical twin brothers. Officers say they are sure that one of the two 24-year-old unemployed delivery drivers carried out the attacks, but that they do not know which. Standard DNA tests are unable to differentiate between their DNA.
  • The week after Valentine's Day is a big time for DIVORCE.  And a lawyer in Michigan is trying to make sure people think of HIM when they think of post-Valentine's divorces . . . by holding a contest offering a FREE DIVORCE to the person who has the best breakup story. 
  • According to a new study, it takes couples three and a half years to take each other for granted.  The five signs are:  You stop eating together . . . you go to bed at different times . . . you go out with friends more than each other . . . you stop looking good for each other . . . and men leave the bathroom door open.
  • Yes, you DO spend your entire life staring at your phone.  A new study has found the average person checks their phone once every six-and-a-half minutes.  That means you look at your phone about 150 times a day.
  • Today, a woman near Orlando, Florida is making the rest of our Valentine's Day gifts look bad.  She's going into surgery to give her husband one of her kidneys.  He's been in renal failure, and, when she found out she was a match, she agreed to the transplant.  The couple met two years ago . . . on Valentine's Day. 
  • A new survey of women has figured how much you have to spend on them this Valentine's Day to get “lucky!”.  The average single guy will have to spend $257 . . . the average married guy will have to spend $203 . . . and the average guy in a committed relationship who's not married will have to spend $180.  And of course, regardless of how much you spend, nothing is guaranteed. 
  • IDENTITY THIEF STEALS WEEKEND BOX OFFICE _ Identity Thief with Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman stole the top slot at the weekend box office. Identity Thief brought in $36.6 million at the box office. 
  • For Valentine's Day, some apps to rev up your relationship:
  •   Avocado is an app that let's you stay in touch with your sweetie by sending cute messages, share photos, manage dates, create shared lists (vacation ideas, grocery lists), and send hugs and kisses (the app vibrates when you place the phone against your chest).
  •   BeCouply is an app that offers fresh ideas for date night
  • Treat lets you design your own greeting card using personal photos and customized text. These are real greeting cards you can send to your sweetie. The app is free but, of course, the cards come with a price.

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