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Things U Need 2 Know- Thurs 2/07/13

  • YouTube is going to launch a Country Music Channel, with some original programming.
  • As the wheels continue to come off of society, now the 27-year-old son of the creator of "Barney and Friends" has been charged with attempted murder.
  • ·         WE DRINK TOO MANY CALORIES _ A recent study finds that liquids make up 22 percent of calories in the average American's diet. Is that good, or bad? Well, the problem is most Americans only count the calories they get from solid foods -- which means we're not aware of how calories are sneaking into our diet. 
  • ·         WAFFLE HASH BROWNS ARE INTERNET HOT _ What's the hottest food on the Internet right now? Waffle hash browns. Pics are being shared all over Instagram and Facebook right now -- and probably because you get the awesome taste of a traditional hash brown along with the 'pockets' found in waffles. 
  • ·         CRUSHING A CAR TO AVOID PAYMENTS _ A UK woman is trouble after she paid $250 to have her luxury car industrially compacted so she wouldn't have to make the payments. Police say the woman reported her Mercedes stolen and then hired a man to dispose of her vehicle to avoid making the monthly payments on the car. Her plan fell apart when investigators found the car's four wheels in her garage. 
  • NO BREASTS, BUTTS, OR PRIVATES AT THE GRAMMYS _ CBS is warning Grammys performers and presenters not to bare any breasts, buttocks, or genitalia while onscreen. The network's Standard and Practice department sent out a "Wardrobe Advisory" in advance of Sunday's awards ceremony. 
  • CHEWING GUM STUDY _ Researchers did a study of chewing gum and found 374 trillion individual sticks of gum are sold around the world each year. 
  • A new study has found that if you can spare 21 minutes a year, you'll probably never get divorced.  Researchers found that if you sit down for seven minutes, three times a year, and each write an essay about your married life and your arguments from the other person's perspective, it's GREAT for your marriage.  You'll be happier, your arguments will be shorter, and your chance of divorce goes way down. 
  • The makers of the board game Monopoly held an online poll to see which game piece should be eliminated . . . and which new one should be added.  The IRON lost the vote, and is getting replaced by . . . a CAT.  The cat got 31% of the votes, to beat out a robot . . . a diamond ring . . . a helicopter . . . and a guitar.
  • The U.S. Postal Service has finally decided to stop delivering mail on Saturdays.  As of August 1st, mail delivery goes to five days a week.  By cutting out Saturday delivery, the USPS will save about $2 BILLION a year.  Sounds amazing . . . except when you hear they lost $16 BILLION last year. 
  • Here's the latest in idiotic overprotective behavior.  Australia has BANNED kids from blowing out birthday candles at school . . . because it might spread germs.  They're only allowed to blow out one candle on a cupcake . . . and only if they're going to eat that cupcake themselves. 
  • Gloria Estefan and her husband Emilio are working on a Broadway musical based on her life.
  • How about a remake of the old TV series, "Ironsides," with Blair Underwood in the chair?
  • Ratings for the season 2 premiere of NBC's "Smash" were off 71% from its series debut last year and 39% below its season finale with 4.47 million viewers.
  • Megan Fox is on the cover of the February issue of Esquire, wearing only an unbuttoned shirt that reveals just the wisp of a black bra and panties.
  • Fans have voted and Monopoly is going to replace the iron with a cat. Runner-ups for the new game piece included a robot, diamond ring, helicopter and guitar.
  • Budweiser has announced the choice in their "Name the Clydesdale" promotion they announced Sunday. His name is Hope.
  • Stewie, certified by Guinness as the world's longest domestic cat -- measuring over 4 feet -- has died at age 8. A short life, but a long cat.
  • Honey Boo Boo's mom, Momma June, says she's dropped 100-pounds since the show began... going from 365 pounds, down to a svelt 263.
  • A guy in New Zealand was mugged by a PARROT.  It flew into his car and took off with $900 in cash. 

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