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Things U Need 2 Know- Tues 2/5/13

  • Lee Majors is joining the cast of "Dallas" as a former flame of Sue Ellen.
  • CBS' broadcast of Super Bowl XLVII averaged 108.4 million total viewers. While that was the third-most watched program in U.S. television history, it was the first time since Super Bowl XXXIX in 2005 that viewership didn't improve year-over-year.
  • To help San Francisco get over losing the Super Bowl, Jell-O is handing out free chocolate pudding all over town today.
  • OK, it'll be available before the next Super Bowl, but Panasonic has come out with a 152-inch TV -- "the world's largest, 4K2K plasma display" -- yours for just $500,000.
  • Beyonce has announced a world tour. "The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" will kick off April 15 in Belgrade, Serbia. The tour's North American stint starts June 28 in Los Angeles and ends August 3 in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Ricki Lake's return to daytime talk television is no more after Twentieth Television cancelled "The Ricki Lake Show" on Monday.
  • Lavonne "Pepper" Paire-Davis, the real-life female baseball star of the 1940s that was played by Geena Davis in "A League of Their Own," has died at age 88.
  • Former President Bill Clinton has been asked to speak at former New York Mayor Ed Koch's funeral.
  • That's Beck covering the David Bowie song, "Sound and Vision" for the new Lincoln commercial.
  • You want to go see a replica of the Central Perk Coffee Shop from "Friends?" You'll have to go to Beijing.
  • The paparazzi snapped some photos of Selena Gomez after she had apparently spent the night at Justin Bieber's place.
  • HUG YOUR WEATHERMAN _ Today is Weatherperson's Day.
  • The NFL hasn't decided whether or not there will be a Super Bowl Halftime Show next year because for the first time the game will be played in a cold climate -- New Jersey. [You mean people would be sitting in the cold, AND in the dark with no power, AND no entertainment, AND in New Jersey?] 
  • $30 MILLION FUN PARK PLANNED FOR BIN LADEN'S OLD TOWN _ Pakistan has announced a $30 million amusement park in Abbottabad, best known as the site of Osama bin Laden's assassination. Officials say, "This project has nothing to do with Osama bin Laden. We are working to promote tourism and amusement facilities in the whole province and this project is one of those facilities."
  • MAN ARRESTED FOR DRUNKEN JOYRIDE ON MOTORIZED SCOOTER _ A Florida man commandeered a motorized scooter and went on a drunken joyride Sunday night at a Walmart, where he knocked items off shelves. 
  • Taylor Swift, this Saturday, February 9th will be featured in an hour-long special on how Houston’s devastating death affected The Grammy Awards in 2012. ‘The Grammys Will Go On: A Death in the Family,” will include interviews with Swift, LL Cool J, Bruce Springsteen, Jennifer Hudson, and many other celebrity artists.
  • A new survey by American Express has found MILLIONS of men are planning to propose on Valentine's Day . . . and millions of women are EXPECTING to get a proposal too.  So if you think your girlfriend is expecting one, if she doesn't get it she's probably going to be disappointed . . . no matter how much you spend on other stuff. 
  • According to a new study by the University of Arizona, if you go to work sick, after just four hours, your virus covers HALF the surfaces in the office . . . including the coffee pot, desks, and elevator buttons.  And by the end of the day, 70% of the office is covered.
  • JOHN KERRY is going to begin tweeting from the official State Department Twitter account soon . . . which could look odd, since all the official Tweets will end with his initials, "JK." 
  • An 18-year-old Russian girl fell in love with a tattoo artist online, then let him tattoo his name across her face in letters FIVE INCHES HIGH . . . 24 hours after meeting him in person for the first time.
  • 164.1 MILLION FANS TUNE IN TO SUPER BOWL 47 _ This year's Super Bowl was the most-watched in NFL history. The 164.1 million viewers for the 49ers-Ravens championship game topped the previous record of 162.9 million total viewers for Super Bowl 45 two years ago, when the Packers played the Steelers.

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