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Things U Need 2 Know- Tues 1/29/13

  • Rumors of a pregnant-again Angelina Jolie are back.
  • Singer-songwriter Jonathon Coulton is upset. He says that "Glee" ripped off his version of "Baby Got Back" last Thursday night, without so much as a mention of him.
  • Mark Anthony and his J-Lo-looking girlfriend have broken up.
  • 9 former American Idol contestants are suing the show, claiming they knew each of them had a criminal record and only allowed them to qualify for the show just so they could kick them off and humiliate them.
  • Brominated vegetable oil, a synthetic chemical that was patented in Europe as a flame retardant, is being removed as an ingredient in Gatorade sports drinks.
  • A computer ran a 49ers/Ravens scenario 50,000 times and the 49ers won 67% of the time.
  • A woman has told Canadian police that Justin Bieber assaulted her... with a foam bullet from a Nerf gun. Oh, please...
  • Liberty Ross has filed for divorce from her husband, director Rupert Sanders... after his fling with Kristen Stewart.
  • The rumor mill has 48-year-old Marisa Tomei engaged to her 36-year-old boyfriend, Logan Marshall-Green from "Prometheus."
  • Randy Quaid had requested permanent resident status from Canada -- denied.
  • Police were called early Monday by some guys claiming they'd gotten into a fight with Chris Brown over a parking space.
  • This year, 30-seconds of Superbowl commercial time is selling for $3.8-million.
  • Thanks to a 23% increase in global sales, Toyota is back in the number-one spot in auto sales.
  • Shakira and Gerard Pique left a hospital in Spain Sunday and headed home with their newborn baby, Milan.
  • Hollywood says the recent cold snap kept people from going to the theaters. [Have you ever tried to eat popcorn with mittens?] 
  • SUPER BOWL ADS SHOWN BEFORE THE GAME GET MORE VIEWS _ Is putting your Super Bowl ad on YouTube before the big game a good idea? It is if you want to get more views for your video. According to YouTube's research, ads that ran online before the Super Bowl last year got 9 million views, on average. Those that waited? 1.3 million. 
  • WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY? _ A postgraduate psychology student out of New Zealand discovered that we are at our happiest while playing with our own children. Just kidding. That's actually fifth on the list. Sex is our favorite activity. In fact, sex and drinking rank ahead of childcare. 
  • DOG STUFF _ Because the Puppy Bowl is Sunday... It's estimated that the family dog is the cause of at least 150 family arguments a year. Of all the money they spend on their dog, 56% is for food and treats. 2001 was the first year that pet cats out numbered pet dogs in the U.S. Every president since Harry Truman has owned a dog at some point while living in the White House. Police dogs have been used since the early 1800s. 
  • You don't just have to bet on the Super Bowl itself . . . online sports books have all KINDS of other crazy bets you can make.  You can bet on how long ALICIA KEYS' National Anthem will last, whether BEYONCÉ will show cleavage during her first song at the halftime show, if both Super Bowl coaches will wear hats, and what color Gatorade will be dumped on the winner.
  • According to a new survey, the most popular pet name couples have for each other is "Baby" or "Babe".  It passed "Darling" . . . which is now in third place . . . because it's what the couple called each other in "50 Shades of Grey".  "Love" was in second place.
  • There's a great photo online of a dad who had a creative punishment for his daughter recently, when he caught her breaking curfew.  He had a t-shirt made with his face on it, and the slogan, "Try me!"  Then he made her wear it for A WEEK, including five school days. 
  • There's one consequence of newspapers dying out that NO ONE could've predicted.  Since there are fewer copies of newspapers now than in the past, animal shelters are having trouble finding enough newspaper for animals to poop on.  They can't rely on people donating old newspapers anymore, because people just don't subscribe anymore . . . so they're having to search for new donors like libraries.
  • A woman in Santa Barbara, California turned 105 last Tuesday . . . and the next day, she went down to the DMV to renew her driver's license.  She passed, which means she's good until 2017 . . . when she'll be 109.  She started driving in 1927 . . . in a Model A Ford.
  • WATCH THIS _ Bad Lip Reading takes on Beyoncé's inauguration performance.


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