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Things U Need 2 Know- Mon 1/28/13

  • Now that Natalie Portman's husband has been named the new director of dance at the Paris Opera Ballet, word has it the actress, her hubby and their son Aleph will be moving to Paris.
  • Sarah Palin has said "no thanks" to another year with FOX NEWS.
  • Katie Couric's interview with Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o pulled a 2.6 rating on Thursday, up 30% over her prior four-week average.
  • Robin Roberts visited 'Good Morning, America' on Thursday. Now she's hoping to come back to work for good next month.
  • A spokesperson for Lindsey Vonn will not deny or confirm the skier is now dating Tiger Woods.
  • Burt Reynolds has been hospitalized for dehydration.
  • J.J. Abrams is set to direct the next installment of "Star Wars," which Disney has said will be "Episode 7" and due out in 2015.
  • Supermodel Naomi Campbell insists giving up alcohol has made her a happier person and less prone to throwing tantrums.
  • Michael Buble is becoming a father. In an online video posted Thursday by the YouTube account of Buble's wife, Luisana Lopilato, a sonogram with the words "Mini Buble!" The 20-second video ends up with words: "We're having a baby Buble!!!!"
  • Shamed sports star Lance Armstrong has rejected an offer to appear on "Dancing With The Stars." Earlier last week, Lindsay Lohan turned them down. What is DWTS thinking?
  • Does Hillary Clinton have double vision? When she testified before the Senate last week, her glasses appeared to have a Fresnel prism on the lens. The stick-on prisms are used to assist people experiencing double vision.
  • Danica Patrick says she's now dating fellow driver Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.
  • Ready to pay another fee to an airline? Southwest Airlines is starting an "early boarding" fee, for $40. Flag on that play.
  • Al Green was invited to perform "Let's Stay Together" at the inaugural ball last week, but had to turn it down due to a scheduling conflict.
  • Tina Turner is becoming a Swiss citizen. She's lived in Switzerland since the 1990s.
  • CELEBRATE BUBBLEWRAP _ This is Bubblewrap Appreciation Day.
  • ... "Charlie's Angels" star Farrah Fawcett appeared on the cover of the July 1997 issue of Playboy magazine wrapped in Bubble Wrap.
  • Danica Patrick announced that she's dating fellow driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr. [It's true. Even Notre Dame linebacker Mantoi Te'o has seen the two of them together.]
  • INTERNET FALLS FOR iPHONE CUP HOLDER _ Last week the Internet went bonkers for the UpperCupper, a special iPhone case with a cup holder attached. Turns out it was a prank product made to look real with a convincing photo.
  • SCREEN ACTORS GUILD AWARDS _ The Screen Actors Guild Awards were handed out Sunday night. USA Today has the winner's list.
  • EXERCISING BEFORE BREAKFAST BURNS MORE FAT _  A new study says morning cardio is most effective when done while really hungry. Researchers (University of Northumbria) studied the effects of an empty stomach on exercise, and found that people who exercise on an empty stomach can burn 20 percent more body fat than those exercising after breakfast.
  • BOY TAKES MOM'S JEWELRY BOX _ A Massachusetts woman says her 6-year-old took a jewelry box of family heirlooms because he wanted to show it off to a classmate he calls his girlfriend. But Diane DeNapoli's boy lost the box, which contained her great-grandmother's watch, her late mom's engagement ring and her grandparents' wedding rings. She's offering a reward for their return.
  • If you think the Hope Diamond is big, think about this: A diamond as large as a planet. That's exactly what astronomers have found in space! Called "55 Cancri e," the planet is largely made out of diamonds.
  • Believe it or not, Looney Tunes cartoons WEREN'T scientifically accurate.  Even though WILE E. COYOTE could never catch the ROADRUNNER, in real life, coyotes are more than TWICE as fast as roadrunners.  Coyotes max out at 43 miles-per-hour, roadrunners max out at 20. 
  • This might just be the most brilliant thing you can do to keep your car from getting stolen.  A guy in Chicago bought a car boot on eBay, and puts it on HIS OWN CAR every time he parks . . . just to keep people from stealing it.  He got the boot for $100 off eBay, and what he's doing is totally legal . . . there's no ordinance against putting a boot on your own car. 
  • Panasonic has a plan to save the earth from global warming.  They've developed something called an Artificial Photosynthesis System, which can remove carbon dioxide from the air . . . and turn it into ALCOHOL. 
  • HANSEL AND GRETEL WINS _ The poorly reviewed action-comedy Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters debuted in first place at movie theaters over the weekend, bringing in about $19 million. Movie 43 bombed with a sixth place open.

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