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Things U need 2 Know- 1/23/13

  • Dolores Prida, who for 15 years was known as the Latina "Dear Abby," has died at age 69, and less than a week after the death of the original "Dear Abby."
  • Anna Nicole Smith's Hollywood home has been sold, six years after her death.
  • Lindsay Lohan has rejected a massive offer from "Dancing with the Stars." Probably for the better.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger is quoted in an interview in a German newspaper saying he's still in love with his estranged wife, Maria Shriver.
  • So, Rihanna was at a comedy club watching Dane Cook last week, when the waiter came up with the bill. She asked, "What's the biggest tip you ever got?" He replied, "$80." She stuffed $200 in his hand and said, "Now I'm your biggest tip."
  • Katherine Webb, the one Brett Musburger drooled over in the BCS championship game, will be a contestant in the upcoming ABC show, "Celebrity Diving!"
  • Ace Hardware is upset that one of their stores was used to film a Sundance movie called, "When the Zombies Come." It's all about store employees, going through the store, looking at things that could be used to kill zombies.
  • Two dancers in a Wisconsin strip club -- one of them pregnant -- are in the news for getting into a fight over a $1 bill.
  • Yes, that was reality star Adrienne Maloof from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" locking lips the other night with Rod Stewart's son, Sean. She's 51, he's 32.
  • Harry Potter fans, brace yourself: Daniel Radcliffe's next movie is about a gay poet and involves several love scenes... enough said.
  • Britain's Prince Harry has confessed that he has killed several Afghan insurgents.
  • We know this much: Taylor Swift has flown in her private jet while her ex, Harry Styles, does have a couple of days off. But no word about the two getting back together... ever... ever...
  • Rumor has it that Postal Service is going to reunite this year.
  • An additional 300 Blockbuster stores are scheduled to be closed, putting an estimated 3,000 people out of work. [I didn't even know there were still Blockbuster stores. Where are they, next door to the 1-hour photo booths?]
  • COCA-COLA TO RUN ITS OWN GAME DURING THE SUPER BOWL _ Coca-Cola is hoping consumers are up for another game during the Big Game. The cola giant has unveiled a campaign called "Coke Chase" that pits three teams against each other and lets fans determine which of the teams will be featured in a post-game ad. Coke released a teaser for the ad on Tuesday. 
  • THE WORST THING EVER FOR YOUR RELATIONSHIP IS _ Even worse than Facebook, the worse thing for your relationship is lack of sleep. A study suggests that lack of sleep tends to prioritize ourselves over our partner and become complete jerks. We forget the little things, like saying "thank you." The study, out of UC Berkeley, found that if "you slept like a baby, but your partner didn't, you'll probably both end up grouchy."
  • ROBBERS FOILED BY CASH REGISTER _ Springfield, Massachusetts, police said three would-be robbers were foiled when they were unable to open the cash register at a Chinese restaurant. The men left empty-handed.
  • AMERICAN IDOL _ The auditions continue in Charlotte, North Carolina, tonight (Wednesday) in this 2-hour edition. (8p ET, FOX)
  • Carrying your rabbit's foot can indeed bring good things, though not because of its mystical powers. A University of Cologne study shows that it is actually the object's effect on your confidence that boosts your luck factor. Researchers found that people who had a lucky charm with them did better on a test than those who had their talismans taken away.
  • The world's most accurate football predicting camel has made its Super Bowl pick.  A camel in New Jersey named 'Princess' has accurately predicted six of the past seven Super Bowl winners, and this year she's going with . . . the Baltimore Ravens over the San Francisco 49ers. 
  • There's a new gum called Ballpark Gum that allegedly tastes like going to a baseball game.  Because it's flavored like PEANUTS, HOT DOGS, and BEER.  Sounds horrible but intriguing.  A tin with 22 gumballs costs $4 online
  • Here's a little advice to try to save you some money on flights.  A massive new study found the best time to book a domestic flight is exactly SEVEN WEEKS in advance.  The best time to book an international flight is THREE MONTHS in advance.  And the best time to book a trip for a holiday is 13 to 14 weeks in advance. 
  • Are you worried that today's kids just aren't coddled enough?  A new study out of the University of Colorado has found that teachers shouldn't use RED PENS to correct mistakes, because it makes children ANXIOUS.  Instead, they say teachers should use kinder, gentler blue pens. 
  • Lawmakers in Ireland are voting to allow moderate drunk driving . . . so that older rural residents can go out after having a couple drinks? 
  • BEYONCE LIP-SYNCED AT INAUGURATION _ Beyonce lip-synced the "Star-Spangled Banner" at Monday's inaugural ceremonies. A U.S. Marine Band spokeswoman said Tuesday, "We all know Beyonce can sing. We all know the Marine Corps Band can play. We do not know why she decided to go with the pre-recorded music at the last minute."... Another Band source says Beyonce felt she didn't have enough time to practice with the Marine Band and wanted to play it safe. 

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