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Things You Need To Know- Fri 1/11/13

  • Rosie O'Donnell and her wife have adopted their first child together, a girl. That would be Rosie's fifth child.
  • The return of "Arrested Development" on Netflix will happen in May. We don't have an actual date, but season four is almost here.
  • Sorry Netflix, but Redbox Verizon -- streaming movies and shows online -- will be out in March.
  • In the new late-night battle: Jay Leno and David Letterman barely beat out Jimmy Kimmel on his second night (Wednesday) in his new time slot.
  • Common Sense Media and the Center for American Progress released a study in which 77% of parents said kids' access to media violence -- TV shows, movies, video games -- contributes to a culture of violence in the U.S.
  • Elton John has reportedly become a dad for the second time with partner David Furnish. The couple is said to have turned to the same woman who delivered their first son, Zachary.
  • Here's something that's wrong -- according to a new study, one in every 25 teens in the U.S. have attempted suicide.
  • It's a busy real estate time for celebs. Carrie Underwood has just sold her home in Franklin, Tennessee. Meanwhile, Kelly Clarkson has put her home in Mansfield, TX, up for sale. And Rihanna has bought a mansion in the Pacific Palisades area of southern California, for somewhere around $11 million.
  • "The Hunger Games" picked up five trophies at the People's Choice Awards Wednesday night.
  • Adele is going to make her first post-baby appearance at the Golden Globes this Sunday. Yep, this weekend!
  • Kobe Bryant's wife has sold one of the three homes Kobe gave her last year. The divorce papers were filed, but are just sitting there.
  • They're messin' with Monopoly. Hasbro is holding a contest on Facebook to replace one of the 8 board pieces with something new and is looking for ideas.
  • Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce are both performing at the Obama inaugural party, January 21.
  • Speaking of the inauguration, President Obama will be sworn in with Bibles used by Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Britney Spears has already said she's out and will not be back as a judge on "The X-Factor" next season.
  • By the way, "The Walking Dead" returns February 10.
  • CANADIAN GRANDPAS SING 'CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT' _ Want a pick me up? Then check out this group of singing grandpas at a Tim Horton's coffee shop in Canada. A comment on the YouTube video says the singers are "proud members of The Entertainers. The Oakville Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society. They meet every Monday for general rehearsal and follow it up with a coffee & donut at the Tim Hortons."
  • FRIENDSHIP COUNSELING _ How far would you go to save a friendship? Would you get professional help? That's the latest trend, it seems. Friendship counseling. More than 10-thousand psychologists and counselors are offering sessions on relationships with friends in the United States. It's not cheap. Sessions can cost anywhere between $75 and $200 for an hour. 
  • TIM TEBOW LAUNCHES HEADPHONES _ New York Jets player Tim Tebow launched a line of headphones on Thursday with audio accessories company Soul Electronics, featuring high-endurance models for athletes, as well as a business-inspired pair called the "Jet."
  • SWEDISH COMPANY SELLS COFFIN WITH SOUND SYSTEM _ A Swedish high-end stereo store (Pause) is selling a coffin with a state-of-the-art sound system built-in, dubbed the "CataCoffin." The strange invention is intended to promote the company's customized music solutions.
  • GOLDEN GLOBES _ The Golden Globe Awards air Sunday night on NBC. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will host the 70th annual even. 
  • For only the second time in the past four decades baseball has not voted anyone into the Hall of Fame. Those most likely to enter this year were all tainted by careers that included steroids. [However, they're still eligible for the Lifetime Achievement Award from the pharmaceutical industry.]
  • A Travel Agency in the UK is advertising for what it says is one of the most fun jobs in the world-- a water slide tester. Yes, they're offering a salary of $28,000 for six month's work traveling the globe and trying out the exhilarating chutes at resorts.
  • The Florida Everglades are holding a python hunting competition starting Saturday which is expected to draw hundreds of amateur python hunters armed with clubs, machetes and guns! They'll be hunting Burmese pythons which are known to grow to over 17 feet and weigh as much as a grown man.
  • On Wednesday afternoon, sheriff's deputies in California busted a guy with 34 pounds of marijuana in his house.  Only they couldn't get it immediately, because it was guarded by an ALLIGATOR named 'Mr. Teeth.'  The guy says he bought the gator in 1996, quote, "to commemorate the death of TUPAC SHAKUR."  That makes pretty much no sense to us, either.  He was arrested.
  • A 13-year-old boy in Sacramento, California celebrated his bar mitzvah last March . . . but he didn't want his friends and family to give him gifts.  Instead, he asked the 800 guests to help donate to buy an ambulance for a city in Israel that needed one.  On Tuesday, the Sacramento city council officially accepted the ambulance, and sent it to their sister city in Israel.
  • IN THEATERS _ Zero Dark Thirty (R); Gangster Squad (R); A Haunted House (R)

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