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Things You Need to Know Thurs 1/10/13

  • Its rumored Justin Bieber performs and hosts "SNL" February 9th.
  • "Jimmy Kimmel Live" debuted in its new time slot on ABC at 11:35pm on Tuesday night beating David Letterman on CBS. However, final numbers had Jay Leno just edging out Kimmel.
  • A reality show, called "All my babies' Mamas" doesn't debut on the Oxygen network until spring, but is already getting protests. They say following the lives of a rapper who fathered 11 kids through 10 different women plays on racial stereotypes.
  • T-Mobile is going to give all baseball managers and coaches Smartphones so that they can better communicate through the game.
  • It appears Target is going to extend its online price-matching policy beyond holiday shopping and offer it year 'round.
  • Singer/songwriter Sammy Johns ("Chevy Van") has died at age 66.
  • Ned Wertimer, who played Ralph the Doorman on the old TV series, "The Jeffersons," has died. He was 89.
  • Redskins QB Robert Griffin III will undergo total reconstruction of knee for complete tear of his ACL and LCL. That's an 8- to 12- month rehab.
  • Microsoft's Windows Messenger Live will go dark, beginning March 15, as they shift users to their new property, Skype.
  • A Seattle woman named "Beautiful Existence" (legal name) has announced that everything she consumes for the next year will come from a Starbucks. No reason given, other than the challenge.
  • Emma Watson still has her youthful looks. While flying into New York during the holiday season, a passport agent asked if she was "an unaccompanied minor."
  • Sunday night's Honey Boo Boo special drew the largest audience the show has seen yet.
  • HUG chain and leopard underwear. The rest of her steamy pictorial hits newsstands on January 15.
  • A new survey had women rank their biggest fears for this time of year, and the top two make sense:  Going to the dentist and getting on the scale are both scary propositions after all that eating and drinking over the holidays.  But coming in third was . . . having a coworker see you naked.  Does that happen a lot?  Anyway, checking your bank balance was fourth, and getting dumped was fifth. 
  • On Tuesday, FOUR people in Norfolk, Virginia called 911 to report a BABY LION running loose in the streets.  Fortunately, it wasn't . . . it was just a DOG that was GROOMED to look like a lion.  The dog is a Labrador-poodle mix and its owner gave it a dyed MANE and a puffy tail to look like a lion.  The dog had gotten free and was running in the streets . . . it's been reunited now with its owner.
  • Science has FINALLY figured out why our hands prune up in the bathtub.  Researchers found that when our fingers are pruned, they're much better at grabbing things that are wet.  Apparently ancient humans evolved that way because they needed to grab wet food after it rained, or food that was growing in a stream. 
  • Want to save the planet AND save money?  A councilman in the Netherlands says you can do that by PEEING IN THE SHOWER.  The average person uses 10.3 gallons of water on a shower and 9.5 gallons on flushing the toilet daily.  So if you flush less by combining your shower and toilet time, it's good for the Earth and for your water bill. YOUR HOUSEPLANT _ It's Houseplant Appreciation Day.
  • A new study finds that bilinguals have faster brains. [Oh great, now they've got TWO things to brag about constantly.]
  • BABY TO MOM: I CAN HEAR YOU _ In utero babies aren't just relaxing waiting for their real world entrance -- they're actually listening to you. It turns out that unborn babies can hear a lot more than we think they do. The fun starts about 30 weeks in, and the last two months is when baby can recognize mama's voice.
  • IS 3D TV DEAD? _ You know what no one's buzzing about at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show? 3D TV. That's because, according to a handful of tech insiders, it's dead. 3D TVs are still being made, and sold, but the problem, say tech experts, is that most consumers still don't want them. In fact, we often get 3D only because it comes with some high-end flatscreen we're buying.
  • POLICE SAY HAMSTER BIRTH NOT WORTH CALLING 911 _ Authorities in (Coquitlam) British Columbia, Canada, are reminding callers how to use the 911 emergency line. They say some calls to 911 aren't an emergency at all, like the angry man who called after buying a hamster that gave birth to a litter of 10. The man was upset because the store refused to give him a refund and his next call was to 911. Emergency operators have taken calls for everything from chickens crossing the road to bad pizza and even a sasquatch sighting.
  • ROSIE O'DONNELL IS A MOM AGAIN _ Actress Rosie O'Donnell is a new mom. The comedian-actress and her wife Michelle Rounds are the proud parents of a baby girl named Dakota. It's not clear if the tot was adopted or born via a surrogate, but O'Donnell announced the news in a post on her Twitter page on Wednesday.
  • BEYONCE FLAUNTS BODY ON GQ SEXIEST WOMEN OF THE 21ST CENTURY ISSUE _ Beyonce shows off her voluptuous body on the cover of GQ's Sexiest Women of the 21st Century issue, wearing only a cut-off T-shirt, belly

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