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Things U Need 2 Know Tues 1/8/13

  • "The Big Bang Theory" returned last Thursday night with a boom: over 19 millon people tuned in for its return, its biggest audience ever!
  • Michael Cronin, credited with coming up with the names for TiVo and Kindle, has died at age 61.
  • Actor Thomas Gibson is this week's Celebrity DUI Arrest honoree... who was caught allegedly driving under the influence last Saturday. He's the star of "Criminal Minds" and also starred in the old series, "Dharma and Greg."
  • Oscar host Seth MacFarlane will join actress Emma Stone Thursday to reveal the nominees for the 85th annual Academy Awards.
  • Diana Ross acted like a diva at the restaurant La Scala in Beverly Hills after she was not allowed to sit at a table until her daughter showed up. She went down and sat anyway, she was told if she did that, they wouldn't serve her, her daughter showed up and they both stormed out. So much drama.
  • Lenova is coming out with a 27-inch touchscreen tablet computer... a coffee table version, as you were. Sit it up and show it off, or lay it flat and share it with three others while playing "Monopoly." Available this summer.
  • In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, David Letterman said he sees a psychiatrist once a week to try to be the person that he believed he was.
  • Oregon football coach Chip Kelly has turned down NFL offers and is going to stay in Duckville.
  • Jimmy Kimmel is swapping slots with "Nightline" and will begin airing at 11:35pm ET beginning tonight.
  • The CES -- consumer electronics show -- is off and running in Las Vegas. You'll be hearing about the new toys over the next several days.
  • 20,000 NEW PRODUCTS TO DEBUT AT CES _ This (Tuesday) morning, the Consumer Electronics Show opens the doors on a record 1.87 million square feet of exhibit space where about 20,000 new products will be announced. 150,000 manufacturers, distributors, retailers and reporters make the trek to Vegas each year for CES. 
  • FEWER DIETING _ We're finally giving up. Fewer people are dieting and women are leading the decline. In 1992, 35% of women said they were dieting. Last year it was 23%. Helping that trend is the perception that skinny is not all that attractive. In 1985, 55% of people thought people who were not overweight were more attractive. That number has dropped to fewer than one-in-four.
  • THE JOE SCHMO SHOW (9p CT, Spike) A new series debuts tonight (Tuesday) that features a real guy who believes he is on an over-the-top reality show looking for America's next bounty hunter and the chance to win $100,000. What he doesn't know is the entire show is FAKE. (10 PM ET, Spike)
  • RYAN LOCHTE GETS A REALITY SHOW _ Ryan Lochte has scored his own reality TV show on E! The Olympic swimmer will star in What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, a weekly series that E! says will "take viewers inside the unpredictable and offbeat life" of the sports star. The six-episode series will premiere in April 2013. 
  • THE REAL BRUCE WAYNE _ The real Bruce Wayne -- a morph between Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, and Christian Bale.
  • NEWS ATTACK! _ Kim Kardashian's getting ready for her baby. [She's calling around town, trying to find out which clubs will allow her to check the thing at the door.] 
  • Bad news for morning personalities. The worst time to wake up is before 5am. And it's best for your heart health to sleep in until 7am or 8am every day.
  • This is THE most adulterous week of the year.  The first Monday after New Year's is the biggest traffic day for cheating websites . . . usually as fallout from the holidays.  And if yesterday had a ton of new signups . . . you can expect people will be setting up affairs all week. 
  • The top thing that helps a man's career is . . . GOOD LOOKS.  A new survey found the average handsome man makes $85,900 a year.  While the average unattractive man makes $52,100.  That's a difference of $33,800.  The researchers didn't find the same effect with women. 
  • Ready for your FORK to judge your eating?  There's a new product coming out that's called a SMART FORK.  It weighs how much food you're putting on it and how many forkfuls you're eating per minute . . . then buzzes when you're eating too much or too fast.  It will cost $99 and goes on sale in the spring. 
  • The NFL fights crime!  And also inspires it.  On Sunday, during the Washington Redskins playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks, there were ZERO robberies in Washington D.C.  But in the hour after the Redskins lost, D.C. police reported to THREE separate ARMED robberies. 

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