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Things U Need 2 Know Mon 1/7/13

  • George Lucas popped the question to his girlfriend Mellody Hobson, so there's a wedding in the near future.
  • Actor Josh Brolin was arrested Wednesday after police allegedly found him heavily intoxicated and unable to care for himself on a Santa Monica sidewalk,
  • It appears that Patrick Demsey's investment group was the top bidder to take over the bankrupt Tulley's Coffee company in Seattle, beating out other bidders including Starbucks.
  • Frank Ocean was busted for driving with a suspended license and possession of pot on New Year's Eve. 2012 was this close to a perfect year for him.
  • New Department of Defense stats show that more U.S. soldiers took their own lives than died on the battlefield during 2012. Something is very, very wrong.
  • The 85th Academy Awards plans to feature a celebration of James Bond for the film franchise's fiftieth anniversary.
  • If you keep track of such things, Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana are no longer a couple.
  • The highest selling album in the U.S. in 2012? The same one in 2011, Adele's "21."
  • Former Lakers coach Phil Jackson has reportedly popped the question to his girlfriend of 12 years, Jeanie Buss.
  • Megan Fox has joined Twitter, after a "RIP Megan Fox" hoax began to pick up steam. She felt she needed to prove she was still around.
  • There's no definite word on the rumor that David Lynch might come back and produce a third season of "Twin Peaks" all these years later... but the rumor is out there.
  • TBS considered changing the name of "Cougar Town," but they decided not to throw away years of marketing. "Cougar Town" begins its fourth season on Tuesday.
  • Doing what she can for her home country, Rihanna has done a new TV commercial for Barbados.
  • New mega couple? Katie Holmes and Jake Gyllenhaal have been seen together on more than one occasion.
  • Sony announced that it's finally pulled the plug on the Playstation 2. [A newly hired intern at Sony looked at a calendar, and brought it to the attention of his boss that it's 2013.]
  • WHY SOME VACATIONS FEEL SHORTER THAN OTHERS _ Want to make your vacation seem to last longer? Be sure it has plenty of variety. One of the reasons your vacations seem so short, both during the experience and in your memory after the fact, could be that your days are so similar to each other. In your memory, they blend together into one very long day rather than a weeklong vacation. 
  • WOMAN SETS BOYFRIEND'S CLOTHES ON FIRE _ A Michigan woman was upset at her boyfriend because she thought he stayed the night at another woman's house. They argued for hours and she settled the argument by taking lighter fluid to $10,000 worth of the man's clothing. His clothes went up in flames on his front porch.
  • Last week, a 25-year-old was arrested in Florida after she drunkenly assaulted two guys in the street.  First she tried to blame it on hosting a hidden camera reality show.  When that didn't work, she claimed she was a federal agent.  And finally, she said the entire thing was a performance art piece.  None of those excuses worked, and she's facing battery charges. 
  • A study in "Social Psychology Quarterly" found that monogamous men have higher IQs than cheaters do. Experts conjecture that it's easier for smarter dudes to overcome their primal drive to procreate and to honor a commitment.
  • NEW DIET ALERT _ It's January, which means we have to throw a new gimmicky diet into your life. This one is called the 8 Hour Diet. The authors of a book, appropriately titled The 8 Hour Diet: Watch the Pounds Disappear Without Watching What You Eat!, claim the world's obesity problem has more to do with when we eat than what we eat. Translation: We eat all the time. The book claims we can lose 20 pounds in six weeks by eating within an 8 hour period. Choose any 8 hours, but nothing beyond that. Could you do it? 
  • NEWTOWN TO WORLD: STOP SENDING STUFF _ Newtown, Connecticut, has been overrun toys, school supplies and other gifts donated in the wake of the massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary school. Trucks arrive daily, despite the town's pleas to stop sending gifts. It's estimated that over 30,000 teddy bears have been sorted. 
  • SEASON PREMIERE: THE BACHELOR _ After not being chosen by Emily Maynard on The Bachelorette, Sean Lowe is now on the other side, looking for "the one". 8 PM ET on ABC.
  • TEXAS CHAINSAW WINS BOX OFFICE _ The latest sequel in bloody Texas Chainsaw Massacre series made $23 million in its first weekend, knocking the prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy down to third place with $17.5 million in its fourth week. 

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