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  • Ke$ha says she understands why radio stations are pulling her song, "Die Young," in light of what happened last week.
  • Russia is going through one of its toughest winters in years, with days that are -50 degrees.
  • Gerard Depardieu is causing quite a stir in France. To avoid his home country's high tax rate, he's moving to Belgium.
  • Congratulations to Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy, who welcomed Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy into the world on Monday.
  • Twenty-year-old Olivia Culpo won the Miss Universe title on Wednesday night. The Boston University sophomore is the first Miss USA to win the title since 1997.
  • Fox has renewed "So You Think You Can Dance" for its 10th season and USA Network's "Psych" has been renewed for its eighth season.
  • Heart, comprised of sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson, made the class of 2013 and will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
  • Even though she didn't have a new album or a world tour in 2012, the AP has still chosen Adele as their 2012 Entertainer of the Year.
  • Korean singer Psy has bought a $1.25 million condo near Beverly Hills.
  • 78-year-old ABC reporter Sam Donaldson picked up a DUI arrest earlier this month in Delaware.
  • Rapper Fat Joe pleaded guilty Thursday to failing to pay taxes on nearly $3 million he earned over two years for performances and music royalties.
  • Actress Camilla Belle has split from New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow.
  • Well, according to the big Mayan calendar predication, the world was supposed to end at 11:11am UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) today which means at 6:11am Eastern Time here in the U.S
  • There are 33 schools in Michigan that are closed today . . . because of the MAYAN APOCALYPSE.  The Lapeer Community School District sent all of its kids home early for Christmas break because the superintendent was worried that the Mayan apocalypse might make someone, quote, "[want] to go out with a bang."  And in the wake of the Connecticut shootings, he's not taking any chances. 
  • According to a survey, the Christmas gifts that people want the LEAST this year include "Fifty Shades of Grey", weight loss DVDs, and Christmas sweaters.  66% of people say they receive at least one gift they don't want every Christmas. 
  • How many employees would Santa need on Christmas Eve, to deliver presents to EVERY Christian kid worldwide?  You know . . . WITHOUT the magic of Christmas? Representatives from Fed-Ex and UPS crunched the numbers, and Santa would need 12 million employees and 300 jets to deliver everything in time. 
  • According to an expert on insects, if you have a real Christmas tree in your house, it's probably home to up to 25,000 insects and spiders.  Many of them hibernate in winter . . . but when you bring the tree into your warm home, they WAKE UP.  The good news is, most don't leave the tree . . . and they'll probably die soon.
  • Pizza Hut has created another GENIUS pizza idea . . . but as usual, they're NOT planning to sell it in the U.S. for some reason.  Pizza Hut Singapore is selling a pizza inside another pizza.  The inner pizza is covered in chicken, and has sausage stuffed in the crust.  The outer pizza is like another, bigger ring around it, and has ham and mushrooms on it, and a crust stuffed with three types of cheese.
  • The Oxford English Dictionary is taking heat for picking "bloodbath" as their Word of the Day on Monday.

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