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  • Right side part -- you are practical and orderly. You think in a rational way and are willing to work for what you want.
  • Left side part -- you are a non -conformist. You are creative, artistic and dependent.
  • Middle part -- you're the center of the road type of person. You always look for balance, emotionally and politically.
  • Far right or far left -- you are outspoken and courageous. You don't care what people say or think about you.
  • Changing part -- do you switch your part monthly, weekly or even daily? You are spontaneous and constantly strive for new adventures.
  • Part different than natural one -- most people are born with a natural part. If you deviate from it, you are a person who's not satisfied with the ordinary. You always strive to improve things.
  • No part -- you are a carefree person; very spontaneous, happy-go-lucky and relaxed. You have a wide range of hobbies and friends.

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  1. Laura s posted on 12/20/2012 09:16 AM
    Everything it says about a person with a left part fits me to a tee. I am dependable. Creative when it comes to making homemade gifts. Which are either crocheted,paper crafts or plastic canvas.
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