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Dr. Sheldon Zigelbaum says guys can learn a lot about the secret world of women by the type of purses they carry. She says if a woman carries a:

  • Cluttered purse -- She's warm, generous and an outgoing person. She has a relaxed attitude toward life and is an easy-to-be-with person.
  • Well-organized purse -- A no-nonsense person with high self-esteem. She finds it easy to perform beyond her capabilities.
  • Cover-girl purse -- Lot's of cosmetics reveal a dramatic person. She has a flair for the unusual, an active imagination and will sometimes laugh or cry at the drop of a hat.
  • Photo-album purse -- A conservative person with down-to-earth ideals. She's nostalgic and relishes her past.
  • Office-supplies purse -- This woman likes for every minute to count. She is a list-maker and will never forget a birthday.
  • Snack-filled purse -- She is a born hostess and loves celebrations and parties. She is happiest when unexpected things happen including surprise visits from unannounced friends.

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