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According to some wacky psychiatrist, the part of your body that you focus on first in the shower reveals your subconscious thinking about sex. This test does not work for those who prefer a bath.

  • Hair -- You are likely religious or believe in a higher power and have trouble reconciling these beliefs with your wild sexual side.
  • Arms -- You are an aggressive lover and have a healthy dose of "self-love" going on. You have no problem initiating sex however when turned down, you take it personally no matter the reason.
  • Face -- Washing your face first means you wish you could change your sexual style. You might feel you are too aggressive, or maybe you have a difficult time getting the amount of sex you want in your relationship. Although you feel you need to make changes, you will have a difficult time bringing up the subject or taking action.
  • Neck -- You think your love life is perfect, and it is perfect, for you yet you probably have a partner who needs more and you are oblivious to that.
  • Chest/breasts -- You are the "mothering" type of lover, always concerned about your partner's needs and wants. Yet sometimes, you neglect your own. This does not matter to you, though because bringing your partner pleasure is your greatest reward.
  • Armpits -- You enjoy a strong fantasy life. You probably like your partner to say nasty things to you or you may want to act out scenes that turn you on. Although you have wild fantasies and want your partner to play along you rarely have the guts to turn the fantasies to reality.
  • Feet -- You have no idea exactly what turns you on and cannot be sure your partner is even satisfied. You have just never taken the time to explore your sexual side, needs and desires. The good news is you might just be a late bloomer in this department and once you spend time nurturing your sexual side, you will be content with your relationships even if you are a little boring.
  • Legs -- Anything comes or goes for this person and you have no inhibitions. He or she probably owns a good selection of porn videos, magazines and devices. You're also at highest risk for arrest on sex crime charges, for example, public indecency or "flashing".
  • Butt -- You regret some of your sexual past and are worried your partner will eventually find out and possibly leave you. Your past is either embarrassing to you or socially unacceptable.
  • Genitals -- You have the healthiest sex life of all. You pay attention to your partner's needs and balance those with your own. You have no problem talking about sex. If you have children, you are the rare parent who is comfortable presenting and discussing sexual topics in a manner that works best with kids. You may even find your kid's friends sometimes ask you questions about sex because they cannot talk to their own parents.

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