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Gilman was our first stop on our 9th Meet Your Neighbor Friday trip!  We started it off with a bang!  We visited Little Hills Hunting Preserve by the invitation on Amanda, one of the owners.  Alex had his first experience with a gun, and even hit one of the clay pigeons!  After we had our time shooting, Amanda showed us where the pheasants are raised and then took us out on adventure!  We headed out to one of the fields where we were able to watch a dog and its owner hunt pheasants!  It was so neat watching the dog run patterns and then point when it found the pheasant in the brush.  We also were able to watch the birds get dressed, and then took them home to eat!  We thank Amanda for such a fun time!  After hunting, we drove into town and found the swinging bridge, and the leftover pieces from the Gilman train derailment.