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Our first stop on our 13th Meet Your Neighbors Friday Trip was Augusta!  We started by driving into Coon Fork Lake Park where we wandered around and looked at the lake and the campsites.  Then we found Hay Creek "Bent and Dent" grocery store nestled out in the country past the sand mine.  After that we stopped at Bush's Baked Beans Headquarters.  We looked for Jake the dog, but couldn't find him, so we left and went on a mission to find meat!  We were in luck when we found the highly recommended Augusta Meats!  We chatted with Gary, and he kindly gave us a tour of the facility.  We even got some cranberry beef sticks to take on the car ride with us-- TASTY!!  We had our meat, so our next mission in Augusta was to find cheese!  We stopped at Gingerbread Jersey Cheese and picked up some delicious and fresh cheese curds.   Loaded with snacks, we took the short drive outside of Augusta to Dells Mill Pond.  The picturesque scene was so serene with the snow.  On our way back into and out of town we stopped and took a photo with the Augusta School Mascot- the beaver!