Airstaff: Mike Ness

Mike Ness

Hometown: I hail from New Richmond, WI
How did you get into radio: Something I'll never forget, in my sophmore year in high school, a telemarketer called my house phone and she thought I was my dad, who had recently passed away at that time. We ended up talking for a few minutes and she said, "you have a voice that would be great on the radio."
Over time, my interest as a profession grew as well as my love for radio as a listener. At one point, I didn't turn on a TV for a couple years.
When it was time to go to college, I was accepted into the Radio Broadcasting program at Brown College in the Twin Cities. I learned so much from some great people there, as well as during my year long internship at KDWB. I was hired to work at WAXX shortly after graduation, and I love it!
Hobbies: I'll take a few hours with close friends/family over anything. When I can't do that, you will find me on the disc golf course, or playing guitar (horribly), video games, reading, anything that makes me laugh, or sports. GO PACK GO!
Your taste in music: HUGE variety. You know that guy at the bar who puts a dollar in the jukebox and stares at it for a half hour? Yup, that would be me! If you put a gun to my head and asked me my favorite bands, I would more than likely tell you Red Hot Chili Peppers, Offspring, Keith Urban, or John Mayer.
Favorite food, drink: Nothing goes down better than a seasoned strip steak with onion, mushrooms, garlic, and many kinds of local Leinenkugel's!
What's on the bucket list: Get to Lambeau Field at least a few times, be a part of a morning show, travel to Alaska, Britian, and Germany just to name a few. Maybe I'll get married one day ;)


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The Big Question

What kind of WAXX event would you be most excited to attend in the fall?
Outdoor Concert
Bean Bag Tournament
Chili Cookoff
BBQ and food truck sampling
College Football Tailgate
Local NFL tailgate
Party Bus Pub Crawl