Airstaff: Mike Ness

Mike Ness

Hometown: I hail from New Richmond, WI
How did you get into radio: Something I'll never forget, in my sophmore year in high school, a telemarketer called my house phone and she thought I was my dad, who had recently passed away at that time. We ended up talking for a few minutes and she said, "you have a voice that would be great on the radio."
Over time, my interest as a profession grew as well as my love for radio as a listener. At one point, I didn't turn on a TV for a couple years.
When it was time to go to college, I was accepted into the Radio Broadcasting program at Brown College in the Twin Cities. I learned so much from some great people there, as well as during my year long internship at KDWB. I was hired to work at WAXX shortly after graduation, and I love it!
Hobbies: I'll take a few hours with close friends/family over anything. When I can't do that, you will find me on the disc golf course, or playing guitar (horribly), video games, reading, anything that makes me laugh, or sports. GO PACK GO!
Your taste in music: HUGE variety. You know that guy at the bar who puts a dollar in the jukebox and stares at it for a half hour? Yup, that would be me! If you put a gun to my head and asked me my favorite bands, I would more than likely tell you Red Hot Chili Peppers, Offspring, Keith Urban, or John Mayer.
Favorite food, drink: Nothing goes down better than a seasoned strip steak with onion, mushrooms, garlic, and many kinds of local Leinenkugel's!
What's on the bucket list: Get to Lambeau Field at least a few times, be a part of a morning show, travel to Alaska, Britian, and Germany just to name a few. Maybe I'll get married one day ;)


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